Writer's Quest


8-Week Online Writing Retreat

Begins February 1, 2021

Join a small group of magical writers and the Book Witch
to weave the wild unknown
into your written words.

Writer's Quest is for the spiritual word weaver,

journal writer or writer of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry who is looking for the space, time, energy and support to explore the wild unknown within and pull the golden threads into this reality.


If you are ready to blow your heart wide open with your written words and reveal the unknown, unreachable aspect of your wild soul, this is your writer’s adventure.




Do you believe:

  • your life is a wildly spiritual journey where you find glimpses of the Divine in a single leaf or the tiniest snowflake?

  • your words are the creative expression of truth within?

  • you can hear the whispers of your wild self in the quiet moments of your life?


If you’re heart is humming, “Yes!” right now, you’ll love this online retreat to Write the Wild Unknown.


This quest is held as sacred ceremony by the Book Witch and intended for aspiring writers of all experience levels for an incredible 8-week retreat where you can dive deep into your wild soul from the comfort and safety of your home.



This online writing retreat will meet on Wednesday evenings or Friday morning through the Months of February and March, 2021 . Every Monday, you'll receive instructions, writing prompts + one little action item for you to connect with the Wild Unknown within while you write that week. On January 4, 2021, you'll receive the invitation to the classroom where you'll meet your fellow travelers and begin your Quest preparations.

Begins Monday, February 1, 2021 and ends March 26, 2021

The Quest happens the week of March 15, 2021


Space is limited to 12 participants in each session.

Writer's Quest will be delivered by Email + Zoom.
The material will be housed in a private classroom.

How It Works

  • The weeks leading up to your Writer’s Quest are designed to provide inspiration, to tap into the writing flow, and connect with your small group of writers. We will work with the magic of the Elements and the words channeling through you from the Wild Unknown with assignments and writing prompts.

  • Participants will spend 2-hours each week writing and participating in a group Zoom. These community-building sessions will include feedback exchanges, assignment discussion, writing craft talks, magic, and more.

  • The week prior to the Writer’s Quest, participants will clear their schedules for the following week, as best they can or make plans for an AirBNB during the days of their Writer’s Quest. Each person will meet one-on-one for 45 minutes with the Book Witch prior to their Quest. 

  • The Quest itself will run the week of March 15th. Each participant will choose the 4-days and 4-nights of their Quest during that week.

  • We'll meet the week following your Quest for an intensive group session and one more 45-minute one-on-one session with the Book Witch for planning next steps including revision, further development, or book creation.

  • The post-Quest week is designed to provide each participant with one-on-one access to a supportive, professional Book Coach who knows and values their work and can answer any and all questions, from craft to industry and next steps.

WritersQuest3 copy.jpg



  • Spent 4 days and 4 nights alone in the quiet of your heart, weaving your sacred words into meaningful prose or poetry

  • Had regular opportunities to share and get constructive feedback on your writing style & voice

  • Received exercises from the Book Witch to jumpstart your writing and release your message

  • Completed a deep-dive into the wild unknown to explore your soul-stirring words

  • Discovered your magic with 2
    one-on-one sessions with the Book Witch

  • Connected with 12 new friends who are aspiring writers going through the same writing experience 


Writer's Quest: Write the Wild Unknown

8-week online writer's retreat

your investment: $248.00


Choose Full Payment ($248 USD) or Two Payments ($125 USD)

Choose your Group Gathering: Wednesday Evening at 4:00pm PST or Friday Morning at 10:00am PST

Full Payment
Choose Wednesday Evening or Friday Morning Gathering
Partial Payment
You will be invoiced an additional $125 on January 4th.
Payment must be received before Feb 1st.

Have any questions, please reach out.

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