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Online Writing Retreat

Join Heather Dakota + other magical writers for a month-long Online Writing Retreat.


We'll invite the Muse for 1-hour of writing creativity each Friday in April at 1:00pm Pacific to weave a web of your sacred words. We'll create magick & ritual, do some writing exercises, have some accountability,  free write, and discuss what is happening in the world. 


Bring a cuppa tea, a pen, and your journal. We'll slow down to the speed of nature and connect deeply with the Writer's Muse.

Interested in Visual Storytelling? Me too! Come join us for that discussion.

Did I hear you say, "but I'm not a Writer?" Join us anyway and have some fun! You'll feel like a writer by the end of the month.

Are your nerves shot by the chaotic energy we find ourselves in today?

In this online writing retreat, we’ll connect to the Writer's Muse for some inner strength and ancient wisdom. Even when times are difficult, creation energy helps us ground and reminds us that we are not alone. 

You belong here! We were made for these times.

Times are tough. Let's do this together

April 3 - Re-membering Slow

This week we'll get into the writing groove and discover our writing ritual, a slow and soft writing exercise, and some free writing as a group.

April 10 - Listening For Sacred

This week, we'll listen with sacred ears for the whispers of the Muse, including a listening visualization, writing exercises, and free writing as a group.

April 17 - Nurturing Self-love

The one things we forget so easily is taking care of ourselves. This week we'll write from the heart about what we need, weed our inner gardens, and free a new way.

April 24 - Invoking Hope

This week we'll invite the Muse to talk to us about HOPE, including a short ritual, writing exercises, and free writing.

Sharing is encouraged, but completely optional.

this class is delivered by email + Zoom

what to expect:

This online writing retreat is every Friday through the Month of April. Every Monday at 6:00AM Pacific, you'll receive a short Mama Bear audio message with a writing prompt + one little action plan for you and the Muse to ponder while you write that week. Writing tips and resources will be added to the classroom as we go.


Within 24 hours of sign-up, you’ll be added to the Word Weaver's classroom. Be sure to accept the invitation.

what's included:

The month-long writing retreat, instructions, and Word Weaver's Witching Sessions on Zoom + Bonus material.

With all of the chaotic energy that is surrounding us everyday, we can gather together and find calm in creation. We can discover what soothes our nervous systems with the support of likeminded writers. Let's support one another.

your investment:

I know times are financially difficult for many of you, but it is important to take time for your creativity, passions, and getting out of your worried, fearful thoughts. This is why I'm implementing a Pay-What-You-Can for anyone who wants the accountability and writing support. If you are secure financially, I invite you to help pay for a scholarship for another writer.

If you're worried or fearful about your financial future, and NEED to make time for writing. This is 1/4 support for me. No Shame or Guilt! 

This is the full fee for the Writing Retreat. If you're feeling confident financially, this fully supports my work and energy as your guide.


If you're financially secure.

This fee supports me + another writer who may be struggling financially.


If you are struggling financially, please reach out. There may be scholarships available.

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