Thank you for joining the Writer's Quest


On August 20, you'll receive an invitation to the Writer's Quest Group Private Classroom. In the classroom, you'll find preparation material and the link to our Commitment Ceremony on Wednesday, September 1 at 3:00pm PST for all participants.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Please read through all of the preparation material so you are ready to go on September 1st.

  • If you joined with a partial payment, you will be invoiced $130 for Group Participants and $110 for Independent participants on August 20th. Payment must be received before we begin on September 1st.

  • In this 8-week online retreat, please make every effort to be live at your scheduled gathering each week. If you are doing this independently, please show up for yourself. I know it's easy to let this slip, but it will give you the best support for your Writer's Quest. Remember this is a commitment to your sacred words and yourself. If you cannot attend the live practice, they will be recorded. Each gathering will last 2-hours.

  • You'll receive an email on Monday, September 6th and every Monday afterward with writing prompts for the week and a tiny action item for your Quest.

  • Independent Participants will receive video instruction on Fridays.

  • Group Gatherers will meet on Zoom on Fridays at 10:00am PST/ 11:00am MST / 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST

  • Please remember that this is a sacred ritual. Please treat everyone with respect. We are a diverse group as the Universe intended. Please read the Gathering Guidelines and How to Give Constructive Feedback.

  • Everything discussed within a group is sacred and held in the strictest confidence. Please be sure to add your name to the non-disclosure agreement if you will be participating in the Group. You must add your name in order to continue with participation.

  • I am no longer on social media. If you feel like sharing your experience on Social Media (thank you!) and please use hashtag #writersquest and #bookwitch and feel free to link to my Writer's Quest webpage. There will be two each year going forward.

  • Discussion and sharing can take place in the Zoom Gathering and under any of the classroom materials.

  • If you are participating independently and have a question, please put your question under any of the material. I am notified and will hop over to answer any questions.


Notebook & Pen

3-ring binder with dividers

Computer with an app installed to keep you off of the Internet


  • Weekly emails on Monday with assignments, writing prompts, and action plan.

  • Two-hour Gathering each week or an Independent video.

  • Two 45-minute one-on-one sessions with the Book Witch.

  • Insights into your writing process.

  • A deep-dive into your sacred words and voice.

  • Community support

  • A Quiet and Slow Ritual to honor your Wild Self and the Truth Within

I'm so excited to hold this sacred space for you as you align your wild self and weave the threads of spirit into your written words.

Much Love and Radiant Magick,

See you Soon!


PS. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.