Dream of a soulful business that your audience loves?
Do you dream of seeing your sacred words in a book?
You are a smart, talented, creative Being with a body of your life’s work. You
have notebooks full of ideas. You can see your sacred business in your mind's
eye and the book that supports your dreams, but can't find the time, there are way too many distractions, and the tech stuff gives you a headache. 
You feel a little bit fascinated and a lot impatient. 
That's where I come in! 


I work with artists, writers, healers, and magick makers who want to turn the essence of their sacred work into a business they love with a book that can support their dreams. I offer packages for:

  • Business Sovereignty
    (the tools to be your own best business advisor)

  • Book Witching
    (writing support, layout and cover design)


My services may not be a fit if:

  • You don't have a business

  • You don't have an idea for a book

  • You need illustration for your book

  • You need a proofreader 

  • You are working on any type of fiction, children's book, or YA/Middle Grade reader

Still not sure? Contact me and let's chat.

Ready to stop struggling and get some support for your soulful business? 

There are 2 ways for us to co-conjure some magick for YOUR powerful business. 

In my work as a Creative Manager with traditional publishers and a judge for the Writer's Digest Self-Publishing Book Awards, I saw so many authors struggle with their words, voice, consistency, targeting the right audience, and creating a business that works for them, instead of the other way around. Many books were...well, sad to say, "unprofessional," not just in small ways, but with major problems with writing and design. There were some great ideas, but they just needed guidance. This broke my heart.


As a Book Witch and Business Alchemist, I work one-on-one with writers (yes, you!) to help you overcome the challenges standing between you and a business that supports you in wonderful ways and a book to hold in your hot little hands. For your business, I support you through branding, messaging, and content creation. For your books, I support you through the self-publishing process from manuscript to final files and help create a schedule for success. Magick is the foundation of everything we do to support you. Most soulful business owners come to me with previous experience in healing, art workshops, art therapy, and best-selling courses, but they feel overwhelmed about the next best steps to move their sacred works forward, or they can't handle one more thing on their plate.

I'll help you stir the cauldron of your fabulous idea. I know the edges, the lay of the land, and the magick to guide us. 

Where do you need support?


Transform Business As Usual

Let's stir the cauldron of your soulful business to make it clear, consistent, and coherent.


Release Your Sacred Words

There is a book inside you that just can't wait to come out, but you need support. I'm here!


Meet Your Business Advisor

Weave your soulful business with a few strategic questions and your inner business council.

For every book published or business supported through one of my packages, a tree will be planted in your name.

Want to do it all yourself?
Try DIY Courses with Guidance