Hey there, I'm Heather Dakota
I'm a Book Witch and Business Alchemist, who helps artists, writers, healers, and magick makers create amazing businesses & books from their sacred works, so they can share their magic.
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Do you dream of seeing your sacred work become a book?
You are a smart, talented, creative Being with a body of your life’s work. You have notebooks full of ideas and several shitty first drafts. You can see the pages in your mind's eye, but can't find the time, there are way too many distractions, and the tech stuff gives you a headache. You feel a little bit fascinated and a lot impatient. 
That's where I come in! 


I work with artists, writers, healers, and magick makers who want to turn the essence of their sacred work into something they can hold in their hot little hands. I specialize in self-published, non-fiction. I offer packages for:

  • Ideahhh! Generation & Magick Making

  • Supportive one-on-one writer coaching

  • Editorial review & feedback 

  • Book layout design & file management


Book Witching may not be a fit if:

  • You don't have an idea for a book

  • You need a book cover illustration 

  • You need a proofreader 

  • You are working on any type of fiction, children's book, or YA/Middle Grade reader

Still not sure? Contact me and let's chat.

Ready to stop struggling and get some support for your sacred book project? 

There are 4 ways for us to co-conjure some magick for YOUR powerful words. 

In my work as a Creative Manager with traditional publishers and a judge for the Writer's Digest Self-Publishing Book Awards, I saw so many authors struggle with their words, voice, consistency, and targeting the right audience. Many books were...well, sad to say, "unprofessional," not just in small ways, but with major problems with writing and design. There were some great ideas, but they just needed guidance. This broke my heart.


As a book witch, I work one-on-one with writers (yes, you!) to help you overcome the challenges standing between you and a book to hold in your hot little hands. I support you through the publication process from manuscript to final files and help create a schedule for success with magick thrown in for good measure. Most writers come to me with previous experience in healing, art workshops, art therapy, and best-selling courses, but they feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the next best steps to move their sacred works into book form, or they can't handle one more thing on their plate.

I'll help you stir the cauldron of your fabulous idea. I know the edges, the lay of the land, and the magick to guide us. It will be like having a little "book witch" on your shoulder.

Where do you need support?


ENCHANT PACKAGE  Cover Design, Book Layout & File Management 




Current availability is April 2020

The Process 

  1. Book a free Exploratory Session

  2. Fill out the Project Planner

  3. Choose Exploratory Session time

  4. Manuscript assessment ($125 if work does not go forward)

  5. 1-hour Zoom Consultation

  6. Sign a contract for the work to be done

  7. Send Payment

  8. Behind-the-Scenes magic begins

  9. Book layout begins

  10. Layout 1 PDF sent to you for editing

  11. Changes made

  12. Layout 2 PDF sent to you for final editing

  13. Changes made

  14. Files prepared and uploaded to printer

  15. Proof ordered for final edits

  16. Final changes made

  17. Final files uploaded

  18. Published book in your hands


  • your manuscript has been edited

  • you have a book cover illustration or photo

  • you're not sure how to design it for yourself 

  • you don't have time to figure out the tech stuff

  • you need your file uploaded to the printer

What you get:

  • Exploratory Session

  • 1 Manuscript assessment

  • 3 x rounds of revisions

  • Cover template formatting

  • 1-hour Pricing Strategy meeting

  • Book file uploaded to printer of choice

  • A PDF of your book to share with reviewers

  • 2 Proofs ordered 

  • Published book in-hand

Additional revisions or file management after published billed at $90/hr

COSMIC ALCHEMY PACKAGE   Planning & Writing Support 


average $700 



Current availability is April 2020


The Process 

  1. Book a Free Exploratory Session

  2. Fill out Project Planner

  3. Choose Exploratory Session Time

  4. Manuscript assessment ($125 if work does not go forward)

  5. 1- hour Consultation on Zoom

  6. Sign a contract (minimum 3 months) 

  7. Send Payment

  8. Behind-the-scenes magic + writing ritual begins

  9. Organize your manuscript based on checklist

  10. Manuscript assessment & Schedule Created

  11. 1-hour Online Consultation on Zoom
  12. Writing Ritual continues
  13. Manuscript assessment
  14. Writing Ritual continues
  15. 1-hour Online Consultation on Zoom
  16. Final manuscript assessment
  17. Final manuscript preparation


  • you have a book in the works, but need a schedule

  • you don’t have a writing ritual in place for your book

  • you’re not sure how to fit all of your blog posts into a book form

  • you have a best-selling course, but want to translate that to a book

  • you need a little guidance on your voice, consistency, or flow

What you get:

  • Free Exploratory Session

  • 2, 1-hour online consultations

  • 4 Manuscript assessments

  • Deadline & Schedule management

  • Accountability 

  • Writing ritual set up

  • Final Manuscript preparation

  • Content Editing

Additional revisions or file management billed at $60/hr


MARKETING MAGICK   Marketing & Launch Support 

$48 for 1-hour Assessment
applied to your first month's fee



There is no further availability for 2020.

Click below to join the waitlist for 2021.




  • you have a book or other project that you need help launching

  • you need help with your weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter

  • you need help setting up a wholesale system for your book

  • you need support setting up marketing systems for your business


​3 mo. - $200.00 US/mo

6 mo. - $190.00 US/mo

1 yr. - $180.00/mo

The Process 

  • Click "Book An Assessment" above

  • Choose meeting time & Send payment

  • Make Notes of the types of services you need

  • 1-hour meeting on Zoom to discuss strategies for moving forward

  • You will receive an audio of our meeting, plus my assessment notes

  • Initial Investment will be applied to 6-month or 1-year contract

Bloom! Session





Next appointment available May 2020




  • you're a Renaissance Soul and need to narrow your focus

  • you need a Master Plan for moving forward

  • you need some reflection on your content & goals

  • you need help finding your core message

  • you need some magick conjured on behalf of you and your business

  • you need reflection on who you are and what you do

In this month-long process, we uncover your life theme, your zone of genius, clarify the core message of your business, and then we deviate to what you need specifically, including branding, messaging, or content creating. We also deep dive into your magical phrase, which supports you with focus, confidence, clarity, and coherence. The month-long process culminates in a half-day session with me where we hone your messages, unleash the atmosphere you want to create, and the experiences you want your audience to have. 

The Process 

  • Click "Book My Session" above. Book your appointment one month from sign-up date.

  • Choose meeting time & pay 1/2 of your investment

  • You'll receive an email from me each Monday for 4 weeks with assignments

  • Pay the second half of your investment before we meet on Zoom

  • Bring your assignments to our half-day Bloom Session

  • You'll receive an audio of our call + next steps for moving forward

  • I follow-up 1 month after our Zoom session to witness and celebrate your progress

For every book published through one of my packages,
a tree will be planted in the book's and author's name.

Want to do it all yourself?
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