No More Hiding Your Brilliance

You’ve been tapped on the shoulder by the magic of the Universe. What you’re building is a reflection of you and your connection with the Divine. The end goal is no longer about the bottom line, but how we can be of service to the world. The end result is about caring for people, your audience, your family. Enjoy the journey that reflects your gifts. Honoring and Nurturing your sacred words.

If you wear a cloak of invisibility like I did, and do upon occasion, perhaps it's time for a peak from behind that veil. Comfortable, Slow, Spacious, Time.

Think about it: You create something really awesome. You and I both know that Divine Downloads will change lives, but if it never sees the light of day or you don’t tell anyone about it...the Universe will keep pestering you to "get on with it already." Or maybe you’ve told a few friends a little bit, and then you give up. I'm a master at quitting before the miracle.

If your heart and soul was poured into a sacred birthing, wouldn't it make sense to honor it like you would a child? 

If it sits in your mind or on a sheet of paper surrounded by hearts, but you haven’t done anything with the idea. Why not? This gift is holding the power of the Universe within it. What's really stopping you?

Does your precious baby sit because you fear being seen? Does it sit because your confidence in the power of the Universe wanes from time-to-time? Is there a story of shame, blame, or guilt wrapped up in being seen for exactly who you are? Are you afraid of what people will say?

What are the consequences if no one ever saw your brilliance or got to experience your amazing talents or gifts? Yeah, that's the feeling to tap into!

I believe in you, your soul star is shining so bright from behind your cloak of invisibility. It’s time to swish your cloak like Zorro and unmask yourself and let the world see you…the real YOU and all of your magnificence!

Hold your lantern high, My Friend! It is so needed right now.

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