Witches! Reconnect With Mother Earth

Most witches are far from the lands of their forebears. We are far from the bones of our magickal ancestors, and they are calling us to reconnect.

Yet, we don’t need to travel to the edges of Mother Earth to reconnect. It’s inside the choices we make every. single. day. and the words that are written on our hearts. Our over-stimulated world doesn’t leave room for the sacred listening and connection with our magick and All That Is. As chaos takes root, it feeds on itself, which creates suffering and pain, and further disconnection. Mother Earth reflects the discord within each of us and our global community.

So what do we do?

It doesn't help to simply state the problem. We must search and root around for the answers, looking into the past to bring the magick back to today. Our reconnection is not black and white, but a multi-colored cloak of sparkling threads, each touched by the sun and moon, and woven into a tapestry of healing and happiness.

Rest and rejuvenate your heart, mind, body, and soul to prepare for reconnection. Listen with sacred ears and an open heart. Work with the cycles of the seasons, hear the inner voices locked in your DNA, and use this natural, alchemical energy of transformation to experience yourself on a deeper, more magickal level.

The reconnection we seeks is in what seems mundane and ordinary—doing dishes, laundry, and taking a shower. These restful times allow Mother Earth to ignite the energy within you and power change and spiritual shifts necessary to wake up and reconnect.

If it is time to rest, surrender. Drop all pretenses and shackles of busy that press on you and open to the slower energy of the natural world!

We can humbly connect to the lands beneath our feet, the ancestors of these lands, and the new magick taking form in the world. Perhaps there are powerful beings who will embrace us and give us the answers and magick we seek.

If you are looking for ways to reconnect, I've created a reading list for Witches. As a practicing Hedge Witch, I’m fascinated by the marriage of science and the mystical. I live at the edge of the wild woods and love to graze on wild berries, sit by a cozy hearth, and connect with the magick of these lands. The magic of the natural world and the healing power of Mother Earth sits as a priority in my life. These are the books on my magickal bookshelf.

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