The very best way to develop your knowledge of plants is to create a witch's garden where you grow your own magical herbs. Some plants are very friendly and chatty, willing to give you all the healing and magic of your wildest dreams and others are aloof. All plants have something to teach us. Seeds contain the complete blueprint for a specific plant and are meant to spread and proliferate through generation-after-generation. Seeds are the messengers of the plant world and the ancestors, each as individual as we humans.

Metaphorically seeds represent ideas, inspiration, opportunity, and potential. It represents the beginning growth of our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Our dream seeds or desire seeds are planted to inspire love, empowerment, and gratitude. On the other hand, seeds of doubt cause us to question our own motives and self-worth. Seeds of inspiration are planted by others and cultivated to grow to their full potential for good or ill, conscious or unconscious. Some individuals sow seeds of discord to create chaos in the world. Remember, the Universe listens to our thoughts 24/7. Creating spell seeds is a great way to take care of our future selves.

Create a seed spell

You will need:

  • Seed paper

  • A green marker

  • Four yellow or white candles

  • Anointing oil (optional)

  • Motherwort (optional)

What to do:

1. Create an altar with the above items.

2. On your seed paper, write in green pen one idea seed that you most want to see manifest into the world. This could be a project, new love, marriage, a baby, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Write as many as you feel called, but only one per paper.

3. Call in the elements of the four directions: Light the East candle and say: Elements of the East, I call to you. Please lend your sweet breath and potent fertility for new beginnings, bless this ritual with your gifts. Light the South candle and say: Elements of the South, I call to you. Please lend your caressing sun and burning strength for always making the way clear, bless this ritual with your gifts. Light the West candle and say: Elements of the West, I call to you. Please lend your pure water and flowing energy for a graceful way forward, bless this ritual with your gifts. Light the North candle and say: Elements of the North, I call to you. Please lend your rich earth and supporting soil for always having a place to rest, bless this ritual with your gifts.

4. Tap each seed paper with the anointing oil in each corner and the center and say: (If you don't have anointing oil, it's okay. Simply tap the corner and center of each seed paper)

Take my words Give them wings Turn my thoughts Into things Harmony with Nature Peace Within It always works. Always a Blessing

5. As each magic seed is blessed, visualize that particular plant, idea, or creation in full bloom.

6. Plant the seed paper with your idea seed in your garden.

7. Thank Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Grandmother Moon. Give gratitude to the Directions and Elementals who helped you today and close the circle by unwinding what you did to create the circle.

8. Tend your seeds carefully in the coming weeks. If desired, plant the seedlings outdoors when the danger of frost has past.

It is my belief that as within, so without. In other words, what you are experiencing in your inner world (thoughts, emotions, desires), happens in the physical realm (our reality). The energy of the Earth Herself is the energy of power, strength, healing, creation, and transformation. We are magical creatures who create our world. Take care what you’re bringing into yours.

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