What the Heck is the Landscape of Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is all about...well...the content you create, publish for, and distribute to your audience. It's a great way to attract attention, generate leads, expand your customer base, and engage with potential customers. The map to your content marketing landscape can help you determine your planning and strategy for getting your content in the hands of your audience.

I can see the eye rolling from here. Marketing is one of those things that no one really likes, but feels like a necessary evil. Let’s make it fun and explore the marketing landscape.

Explore your landscape further by taking a hedge ride. Drop into liminal space and ask your business advisors to show you the landscape for your own brand of marketing.

Let's take a look at the landscape.

Audience Island

This island sits in the middle of the great Poor Me Sea. The island is filled with people who have a problem, challenge, or struggle. They don’t know how to get off the island, but they know there is a solution. You’ll find your audience roaming the beaches, deserts, city, and forests looking for the answer to meet their needs.

Social Media City

This booming metropolis is where all the cool people hang out. The people of Audience Island show up here looking for answers to their problems, challenges, and struggles. It’s a great place to meet these people, if you’re looking for someone to talk to about a specific solution you’ve find. Social Media City also has a drawback in that it sucks you in, takes up your precious time, and sometimes you’ll run into the Gremlins like Comparison.

About Me Bay

Many people don’t like going here, because the reflections are honest, and there is a strong sense of vulnerability. However, there are some wonderful elements to be discovered about yourself in this bay.

Sacred Word Archipelago

When you’re looking for the specific words that will connect you to Audience Island, you go to the Sacred Word Archipelago. Here the words swim freely. Cast your line, and you’re sure to catch a word or two that were tossed out by someone on audience island. Use a net and catch phrases that create a land bridge to the island.

Inspiration Springs

On Audience Island, there is a Spring. This isn’t just any spring. It’s where you go to be inspired to talk with the people of the island. A quick swim in these cool waters will have you bridging the gaps in your writing, connecting and captivating your audience, and filling your well with ideas for later.

The Wisdom Cave

In every cycle on Audience Island, there comes a time for rest. Aligned Action is wonderful, but so is rest. When we go to the Wisdom Cave, we allow the Universe to speak to us. We can clearly hear the voices of Audience Island telling us their tales of woe, but we also gain the knowledge that we know how to solve their problems and get them off the island.

The Commun-I-tea Boat

This crazy little boat takes you to all of the places on the island. No matter what you need, you know how to get there. The other wonderful thing about the Commun-I-tea Boat is you are nurtured, nourished, and never have to go alone to any of these places, if you don’t want to. You can also take on passengers from Audience Island and drop them where they would like to go. It’s a charter boat for your audience.

Where in your landscape do you need to pay more attention?

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