Vulnerability Comfort Spell

A word about vulnerability...if you don't mind. Vulnerability is about opening up and risking what might hurt you.

Anytime you open up to someone, put your sacred work out into the world, or open up a business, you're being vulnerable. You are taking a risk that you might be rejected or get hurt. You're willing to open yourself up, spill your soul, and be authentically you.

There are many factors that influence our vulnerability, comfort, and security. The unforeseen and unpredictable can shake our confidence to its very core, and it may not take much. Expectations have a funny way of bringing you to the edge of safety and security (even if you're not really there).

Any time we extend our branches beyond our comfort zone with seemingly big risks, we need to check our expectations at the door and give it time—two big takeaways for me this week.

Any time we reach for something that feels big, and this is different for each of us, we need to be ready with our own brand of soothing balm and healthy comfort. Many times our stories of not enough step into the picture. But the truth is "It's not about you."

It's about showing up for the people who really need your words, support, comfort, healing, or help. It's showing people who you are without constraints and without apologies.

And isn't that empowering?

Vulnerability Comfort Spell

When the thought of being vulnerable is holding you back, or if negativity is swirling in your head, heart, body, or soul, it's time for a Comfort Spell.

You'll need:

  • A candle

  • A piece of *black paper (white will do in a pinch)

  • A cauldron or fire-safe bowl

  • Pen

Get into your magical mindset and set your sacred space.

Write your thoughts on a piece of paper. Write as much or as little as you want. Roll it up into a scroll. Allow the negativity of what you wrote build up inside you. Don't let it upset you again.

Blow all of your emotions onto the scroll and burn it in your cauldron.

*The black paper will absorb any negativity.

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