Summer Solstice Celebration

Summer Solstice

Sun so bright

The longest day 

and shortest night

Enchanted evening

Veil is thin

Talk to the Fae

and what has been.

The Summer Solstice occurs between June 20 and June 22 each year. It represents the turning of the wheel—longest day and shortest night. Summer begins and so does the return of the darkness. This is the day that the Sun reaches its height of power and strength.

Traditionally, fires were lit on hilltops to honor the Sun. In these modern times, it is the energetic peak of our expression and expansion. Today is the day to celebrate all that you have achieved and who you are. A great transition is beginning, which will bring you to your holistic self. The Inner Realms are ready to expand and welcome you in. The veil is thin, so it is a great time to commune with the Fae.

Here are 6 ways to celebrate and honor the Summer Solstice:

  1. Decorate your home with candles and flowers.

  2. Adorn yourself with garlands and head-dresses woven of flowers

  3. Leave an offering for the fairies (milk, honey, or sweet bread)

  4. If it’s safe in your area, have a Midsummer fire. Cast away what no longer serves by toss words into the fire with herbs to clear and cleanse.

  5. Celebrate your gifts and achievements.

  6. Cut garden herbs, dry them in the dark. Make herb bags for tea or sacred bathing.

Blessed Solstice. May the fire within burn bright.

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