Our approach to nature is schizophrenic at best. We destroy it for profit, idealize its beauty, and want to preserve it as pristine. As more humans begin to skirt the periphery of a true existence with Mother Earth, we are beginning to realize that we are connected on a deep level to this planet as part of the ecosystem. We are not separate from Mother Gaia. Each of us is like a leaf on a tree, an individual with free choice, but who plays an integral part of a thriving existence for the collective. We are beautiful in our individual sovereignty. We have purpose whether we consciously know it or not. We are connected with each other, the animals, plants, and stones of the planet. Mother Earth has HER purpose, sovereignty, and is not only connected to us, but to the Universe as well. We are one body living within a physical realm that in the next twenty years is going to see mass extinction, deforestation, and rising sea levels. The pains of Earth exist because our modern society exploits HER resources without giving back. However, I believe that we (collectively speaking) can transform our relationship with Mother Earth by envisioning our bodies as extensions of this world. Perhaps then, we will take care of HER the way we take care of our own bodies, or maybe it will benefit both of us. We have much to learn from Indigenous People. Our sense of separation from Mother Earth is an illusion. We create these illusions from our misguided, animalistic impulses that are meant to keep us alive. Our linear, rational minds desperately want to create order out of what we perceive as chaos. Here-in lies the complication. Mother Earth appears messy to our ordered existence. To experience the shift in your own perspective, ponder this:

  • How can I truly embody the idea that we are all one, including the animals, the land, the plants, and the entire planet?

  • What must be seen through sacred visioning?

  • In order to "see" the web that connects us, what must shift within me?

  • What within me must become intentional and coherent with my values, in order to experience universal connection?

  • Where are my actions making a positive and negative impact on Mother Earth?

  • What action must I take in order to exemplify our interconnectedness?

  • Describe how it feels to realize that our environment is an illusion and that Mother Earth is an extension of each of us.

  • What characteristics or qualities must I embody to create space for a relationship with Mother Earth and all beings seen and unseen?

  • How is Mother Earth being reflected in my physical body?

  • What one simple thing could I consciously do today to experience deep, direct connection with Mother Earth?

In our modern world, we are learning how to respect our bodies. We are beginning to awaken to the reality that we are part of something much larger than life, not separate from it. How we treat Mother Earth will be reflected in our physical body. Does that mean that if we take care of Mother Earth, our society can heal the wounds that are so prevalent today? Interesting thought, huh?! Mother Earth is part of us, and we are part of HER. There is no outside of us and no separation. It is up to each of us to find our natural state with nothing to disconnect us from the energy of all that is, the very fabric that binds us. Imagine yourself as a baby being soothed by Mother's Heartbeat. This is available to anyone willing to incubate and cultivate interconnectedness.

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