Power of the Sun Charm

Harness the energy of the sun in a charm that you can carry with you. Call on it when you need a bit of brightness and warmth.

You’ll need:

  • Red votive candle (white will do too!)

  • Stone of the Sun (sunstone, citrine, aventurine, amber, or diamond)

  • Saucer


1. Gather your materials and go outside into the sunshine.

2. Hold your tea light and stone in one hand. 

3. Focus your energy into the stone. Think about something you want to create in your life that will bring you joy.

4. When you’ve reached the magical mindset, light the candle. Say: Fire Always Makes a Way for itself.

5. Place the candle on the saucer.

6. Close your eyes and hold your stone up to the sun and say:

Power of the sun. Charge this stone until it is done. Harmony with Nature. Peace within. It always works. It’s always a blessing.

7. Repeat the chant until you get a bone-knowing that the stone is charged.

8. When you go inside (with the candle still lit), thank the sun for lending you its strength.

9. Carry your stone with you or reach for it whenever you need a little boost of the Sun’s brightness, energy, and power.

Note: The energy of the Sun is especially wonderful on those long winter’s nights.

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