Social Media or No Social Media

that is the question!

Transformation is happening whether we like it or not. Social Media has gotten really loud, or maybe I'm just listening too closely!

I've been pretty quiet over on Instagram—assessing the time I spend—scrolling, posting, thinking of posts, planning posts...ugh! I've been feeling the re-alignment for months. So, I attended a free webinar by Alexandra Franzen, and my eyes were opened.

In her webinar, we did this exercise: 

How many hours per week do you spend on social media (scrolling, posting, thinking about posts, planning posts, etc.)?

Mine was about 10 hours per week. If you multiply that by 52, that equals 520 hours per year. And the average American does 10 hours per day!

I've been using social media since 2010, so 10 years so far, and would probably continue at least another 20 years. That's 30 years of social media usage.

If you multiply 520 hours per year x 30 years, you get 15,600 hours over my social media lifetime. If I convert the hours into years, I will have spent almost 2 years on social media. That just doesn't feel good to me.

What could you do with the time you spend on social media? 

Here are 10 things I'm doing instead of social media:

  1. It is now my policy to turn off all electronics by 7:30 pm. I'm reading instead.

  2. No social media on the weekends. Get thee outside!

  3. I will only post, scroll, or otherwise be on social media on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I will be leaving social media at the end of this year, completely.  Scary and exciting! There is a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) coming up for me.

  4. My day ends at 5:00 pm each day, and my phone gets put away.

  5. Reconnecting with my offline loves—writing, hedge riding, hiking, camping under the stars, and photography.

  6. Learning new things—business astrology, printmaking, playing guitar, taking better photographs, rock climbing.

  7. Creating an imprint for my little publishing company called Wyld Witch Press. Read about that here.

  8. Dreaming up new ways to connect with you: writing better articles, online Zooms, gifts, snail mail!

  9. Thinking up new ways to love on my Book Witching clients. I adore each one of them!

  10. Searching for the land that wants me to take care of it. This 30-year-old dream is sooooo close! Think writer's and artist's retreat space—UNPLUGGED. Swoon!

Don't get me wrong. Social Media isn't all bad. I know a lot of people who thoroughly enjoy sharing and posting. If you can use it wisely, that's wonderful!

I'm pioneering a new way of being in business, which includes downtime and real face-to-face connections, even if on Zoom. Social Media is no longer serving me. As with all things that no longer serve, it is time to release it for some soul-stirring joy.

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