The Magick of Earth Medicine

This week I was on the Just Like Magick Podcast with Erin Duffy Osswald. Here are two friends having a lively, informative, and flowing conversation, and that is because it is!

Erin and I met about eight years ago in Pixie Lighthorse's SoulLodge. We started finding our path and ourselves in the narrow and deep study of Earth Medicine for four years.

I have also had the pleasure of sitting in Erin's circles and containers and benefited from her magickal wisdom. I am excited to share this conversation with you because new practitioners, as well as seasoned witches alike, are all going to learn something from this really, really full conversation. In just over an hour, we cover a lot of ground, it's a flowing and fun chat, so I'm super excited to present it.

You'll learn:

  • About hedgewitchery and connecting to your magick.

  • Ways to apply magic in service to a variety of people, places, and things.

  • About offerings, the ways, and the why of making offerings.

There's just a lot of good, nourishing information witchy shop talk here to give all of you a chance to, lean in a little deeper to the magick you hold within.

Listen to our conversation: Just Like Magick Podcast

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