Light In the Darkness Charm

Shine a light in dark places to reveal the truth and authenticity in any situation. This works especially well if you seek clarity. You'll need: Lapis Lazuli (cleanse before use) White Candle Prepare your mind and body for magick. Cast your circle in your way. When you're ready, light the candle and meditate on the flame. Allow your eyes to go soft and clear your mind as best you can. Take the Lapis Lazuli in your right hand. Close your eyes and see the flame in your third eye. Envision it growing larger until it fills your entire circle with a bright light. Make the light as bright as you can, and hold it for a moment. Now, send the light into the stone. Envision the Lapis Lazuli absorbing the light until it shines like a million candles. Say this incantation: The hidden truths of coherence speak

In dreams are found

the clarity I seek

Blow out the candle. Close the circle the way you opened it.

The Lapis stone is now enchanted to clarify any situation for you. When you go to sleep, place the crystal under your pillow or beside your bed to reveal the hidden truths in your dreams. *Keep it wrapped in a white cloth when not in use. Don't allow it to be handled by anyone else.

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