How to Create a Book Project Altar

An Altars is a space where you continually work with the energy with intention. Think of it as a portal where you are calling in or releasing energy. It is a designated space that you’ve set an intention for…like your book project.

How to work with an altar; and what do you do at an altar?

An altar is a way to bind the magic and strengthen the relationship between concept and reality. It’s also a beautiful and feminine ritual of honoring in which you will learn to know yourself and who/what you are in kinship with even more.

Altars are all about intention, and are built as portals for calling in, as well as for letting go.

Do I need an altar?

It’s really up to you. I find that this type of magic really enhances and focuses my attention on my intended outcome. In this case, you’re creating an altar to and for your book. A book altar focuses your intention to write with ease and create with the magic of the Universe.

Magic is an individual preference. Some magical beings create altars and others don’t. It’s all good and completely up to you.

Create a magical mindset

Let’s talk about the magick of the Universe. According to Einstein, both time and space are essentially illusions created by human consciousness. We cannot even conceive of the limitlessness of Universal creation.

Imagine if you could tap into this limitless energy in your book project. Let us not underestimate the power of the thoughts behind our words. If you want your book to be magical, it requires coherence on all levels.<