How to Create a Book Project Altar

An Altars is a space where you continually work with the energy with intention. Think of it as a portal where you are calling in or releasing energy. It is a designated space that you’ve set an intention for…like your book project.

How to work with an altar; and what do you do at an altar?

An altar is a way to bind the magic and strengthen the relationship between concept and reality. It’s also a beautiful and feminine ritual of honoring in which you will learn to know yourself and who/what you are in kinship with even more.

Altars are all about intention, and are built as portals for calling in, as well as for letting go.

Do I need an altar?

It’s really up to you. I find that this type of magic really enhances and focuses my attention on my intended outcome. In this case, you’re creating an altar to and for your book. A book altar focuses your intention to write with ease and create with the magic of the Universe.

Magic is an individual preference. Some magical beings create altars and others don’t. It’s all good and completely up to you.

Create a magical mindset

Let’s talk about the magick of the Universe. According to Einstein, both time and space are essentially illusions created by human consciousness. We cannot even conceive of the limitlessness of Universal creation.

Imagine if you could tap into this limitless energy in your book project. Let us not underestimate the power of the thoughts behind our words. If you want your book to be magical, it requires coherence on all levels.

With that in mind creating a magical mindset means:

  • Knowing what you value deep in your core.

  • Honoring what you want, what you really, really want.

  • Believing that every day is magical.

  • Trusting in your heart of hearts that the Universe is abundant. Scarcity and lack, and the resulting fear and worry are illusions.

As you create your book, be sure to consider the element of responsibility of your thoughts. Our thoughts become things. What do you want to manifest into the world?

Set your intention

Why are you creating an altar? Make a list of your reasons for creating this altar. Your reasons are yours and yours alone. They don’t have to measure up or match what another magical being is doing. The idea with intentions is to be clear and coherent with its intention. Here are some questions to help you gather your intentions:

  • What do you want for your book?

  • What do you feel about self-publishing or your book that needs to be laid down on the altar?

  • Do you have concerns or fears about writing or the process?

  • What do you wish for your book? Writing process? Design? Audience?

  • How do you want people to react to your book in the marketplace?

How to set up an altar

Creating a book altar is a way to invite dialogue with the ancestors, the Muse of Words, the Four Elements, and the Universe (or Divine of your understanding) that connects us to all living things.

It’s a personal preference how you build your altar. This is your space and that is what is most important.

Building an altar is a direct call to the benevolent powers of the Universe to COME IN and work with you in this space. Your altar is an invitation to assist in matters of soul work, growth, ritual, and creation. The reason I put it this way is so you can make an empowered decision about how (or if) to build an altar if it means you are opening your space to a power greater than yourself.

Here is my way, but you do you:

  1. Start with a clean, fresh surface—dusted of any accumulated energy.

  2. Gather your items.

  3. Smudge the altar, each item, and yourself.

  4. Create a magical mindset so you are clear with your intentions.

  5. Begin by initiating the energy with clarity and coherence. For calling in and/or releasing certain energies, speak your prayers or intentions out loud. You can add more later.

  6. Place objects starting in the center and spiraling outward, honoring the portal and spiral of life.

  7. Flow with the energy, ask your spirit guides and helpers to come in.

  8. Ask for protections and awareness of subtle energies that will move through the altar for the duration of its time as portal.

  9. When the altar is complete or mostly complete, thank the altar for the work you’ll be doing together.

  10. · Your altar doesn’t have to be large and elaborate. It can be one or two items on a small plate or basket that you set in your writing space.

  11. Feed the spirits and Muse with little gifts and gratitude for their energy that they conduct on your behalf.

Altar Items

The items you place on your altar will have personal meaning to you. There is no need to buy anything special for your altar. Look in your own backyard for what calls to you.

Some suggestions to get the wheels turning for a book altar:

  • Write the name of your book on a piece of paper

  • Photos of ancestors or favorite authors who have passed to the other side

  • Turquoise, Amazonite, Chrysocolla for creativity and inviting the Muse

  • Carnation, Horehound, Vervain, and Violet to promote creative thoughts

  • Rabbit, Earthworm, Bee, and Ant create in abundance

What items are calling to you?

Tending Your Altar

Be sure to tend the energy of your altar with your time. Remember it is a portal that you’ve opened for a specific reason. Personally, I spend time at my altars once-a-day in the morning. Sometimes I spend a moment giving prayers of thanks and gratitude, other times I spend longer asking for assistance and sending spells into the Universe for manifestation. I’m mindful of not asking all the time without giving. I feed my altars because I believe they are living beings made of natural materials, which have a Spirit. I’m also feeding the Spirits and Guardians that I’ve specifically called in for a task. Note: I’ve found that Spirits really love the things of our Earthly plane.

The best way to know what to feed your altar is to ask what is wanted or needed.

Ideas for Feeding your altar and the benevolent Spirits who inhabit it:

  • fresh flowers

  • fruit

  • candy

  • water

  • tea or coffee

  • salt

  • whiskey

  • wine

  • coins

  • natural objects which represent what I am calling in or releasing

Taking down your altar

Unwind or take down your altar in the opposite direction that you set it up. This unwinds the magic and closes the portal. As you take down your altar, give thanks to the spirits who came into your sacred space and blessed your book with their healing medicine and benevolent support.

There are many things you can do at an altar from sitting quietly and listening to leaving offerings to your book guide and sending out spells to calling in what is needed, like a Book Coach.

Ultimately the intention of your Book Altar is to help and support your writing or self-publishing endeavors.

Need help for your book project in the real world? The Book Witch is in.

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