HedgeRide: Walk Softly & Consciously

Ravens wing flashes across my eyes like an iridescent cape, as Dragon’s eyes illuminate the room. His fires come to clear the weeds and brambles from my path. As the smoke clears, the path is clear once again.

Upon my shoulder Raven lands, digging nails into my shoulders urging me to pay attention. Mountain Lion saunters into view with her sultry way. We walk together down the cleared path as she shows me how to walk softly, one foot in front of the other. There is no need to rush, no need to run. There is time to be conscious of how you walk on Mother Earth. The Solar Queen whispers that there is time to rest so we can learn and grow. “Know where you put each footfall, before you walk on. Make your footsteps conscious,” she coos. 

The soil beneath my feet is soft and squishes between my toes. The roots that are me connect deeply with this inner landscape, rooting exactly where I am. Snake joins me, as Raven once again whispers in my ear to pay attention. Snake swallows me whole so I may be the catalyst for change. “You know not your power, girl.” I hear whispered on the winds. These stories are older than the Sun and deeper than the Moon. There is a great releasing about to happen. The Old stories need to be put into the fires for transmutation. Flow through these fires like Snake. Your magic is slow, soft, and subtle. Hold tight to this.

The story teaches us to keep our pace slow, steady, and strong. Connect your roots or create new ones, the old ways are passing and a new world is coming soon. Follow the Dragon’s flight and your path will be made clear. Light the candles when you have lost your way. Embrace your differences. Pioneer new ways. Know who you are and be true. Honor the Ancient Ones and the wisdom you hold in your DNA.

Above all, walk softly and consciously. Align what you do with who you are.

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