When the Hearth Keepers Lead

Making a living, no matter what you're doing, is hard work. If you love what you do and still love it after a brutally long day or a year that didn’t live up to the expectations you felt at the new year, that's part of the stellar leadership of a hearth keeper, too.

No matter how much you love doing what you do, no matter how passionate you are about teaching, writing, inspiring, or creating—it’s never as simple as just doing that one thing.

The Warriors know this well and have had us on the hamster wheel for a long time—too long. I believe this is the reason we are burned out and stressed beyond our capacities. It's time for the Hearth Keepers, the ones who keep the home fires burning, to step in and lead with what they know and how they know to lead.

Here are 10 Vital Qualities of Hearth Keeper Leaders:

  1. A Hearth Keeper knows when to rest and fully accepts this as part of the cycle as real and truth.

  2. There is a coherence within a Hearth Keeper. They have a bone-knowing of what is needed and who needs it. It's not wholly about them.

  3. The Hearth Keeper leader has a keen awareness. They observe the world around them, study, listen, remember, and react in a way that is conscious, confident, and coherent.

  4. A Hearth Keeper is one of the best listeners you've ever met. When they respond, it's to ask a question, not give a solution. They lead you to your own conclusion without giving you one of their own.

  5. Hearth Keeper leaders see the glass as half-full. They encourage inspire, and invest in others. They build people up instead of tearing them down.

  6. There is great respect within a Hearth Keeper for all Beings (seen and unseen), Mother Earth, and the cycles of this world.

  7. You will be hard-pressed to find a Hearth Keeper out of integrity. They know their pillars (values) and stick to them, yet are still able to learn new ways of being and doing in the world.

  8. A word from a Hearth Keeper is truth. They are honest, but tell the truth in the softest way possible.

  9. Hearth Keepers have a unique style, confidence, and aren't afraid to be who they are. This authenticity is what draws people to a Hearth Keeper leader.

  10. A Hearth Keeper leader knows that they can't and won't go it alone. They are appreciative, grateful, thankful and know the value of other people, especially other Hearth Keepers who are trying to lead.

If you look around at the world, the Warriors are getting tired of fighting. We are out of alignment and integrity simply to keep the status quo. It will soon be time for the Hearth Keepers to sit them down by the fire to rest. Nurturing and nourishing the Warriors and showing them a new way to lead by example.

May we all find the stellar qualities of a Hearth Keeper within us in all ways, always.

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