Gremlin Busting Spell

Gremlins are our limiting beliefs manifesting in the world. Bringing a fresh awareness to when they show up helps us show up for ourselves and stop sabotaging what we really want in the world. 

Meet the Gremlins

  • Fear

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • Comparison

  • Overwhelm

  • Self-sabotage

  • Inner Critic

  • Rebellion

  • Resistance

One way of looking at our gremlins is to see them as a habitual way of thinking  that started in childhood. When you were little, your gremlins helped you stay out of trouble. They protected you by repeating what they saw and heard from adults and authority figures—in essence, teaching you to stay safe by doing well and avoiding displeasing those who were critical for your survival. But, while you’ve grown up and moved on, you gremlins have not. They still bully, judge, and criticize to “keep you safe.”

So your Gremlins date back to when adults knew best and were always right and children were wrong. This is how your Gremlins still view the world. However, you’re no longer a child. As an adult, you have your own values, set of beliefs, and ways of doing things. You can think for yourself and decide what is best for you and what will protect you. You no longer have to please others to survive.

Being Gremlin free is an impossible task. Acknowledging and learning from them, that’s wisdom.