Gremlin Busting Spell

Gremlins are our limiting beliefs manifesting in the world. Bringing a fresh awareness to when they show up helps us show up for ourselves and stop sabotaging what we really want in the world. 

Meet the Gremlins

  • Fear

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • Comparison

  • Overwhelm

  • Self-sabotage

  • Inner Critic

  • Rebellion

  • Resistance

One way of looking at our gremlins is to see them as a habitual way of thinking  that started in childhood. When you were little, your gremlins helped you stay out of trouble. They protected you by repeating what they saw and heard from adults and authority figures—in essence, teaching you to stay safe by doing well and avoiding displeasing those who were critical for your survival. But, while you’ve grown up and moved on, you gremlins have not. They still bully, judge, and criticize to “keep you safe.”

So your Gremlins date back to when adults knew best and were always right and children were wrong. This is how your Gremlins still view the world. However, you’re no longer a child. As an adult, you have your own values, set of beliefs, and ways of doing things. You can think for yourself and decide what is best for you and what will protect you. You no longer have to please others to survive.

Being Gremlin free is an impossible task. Acknowledging and learning from them, that’s wisdom.

Now that we know that Gremlins exist and kind of why they show up, How do you respond to these Gremlins?

Here are some questions to ask your Gremlins when they pop up: 

  1. Is this my gremlin talking?

  2. According to whom?

  3. How do I KNOW this is true?

  4. What criteria am I using to determine truth vs story?

  5. Who would I be without this thought?

  6. Where did this story come from?

  7. Who gave me this story?

  8. How do I feel about that person now?

  9. Do I regard them highly and respect them?

  10. Is this story still valid today?

  11. What does this story do for me?

  12. Is it useful to me to continue believing this story?

  13. What has this lack of belief in myself cost me?

  14. How does this serve me?

  15. What is the positive intention behind keeping this limiting belief?

  16. How else can I satisfy my intentions without relying on this Gremlin?

  17. What concrete evidence do I have to back up this belief?

If your Gremlins get really nasty, you feel like quitting, or want to hide from your business or life, I invite you to do the Gremlin Banishing Spell. During challenging times, strengthen your confidence and banish your gremlins. Oh they’ll creep back, because remember, they are trying to keep you safe but they hold you back and keep you small. 

Gremlin Banishing Spell

Let me explain a bit more about their energy. Whatever you are thinking is being put out into the world, as if you want to receive it. The Universe doesn't understand negativity, so it sends you what you're thinking. In other words, if the Gremlins are driving your Business bus, you’re attracting unfortunate outcomes. It’s a form of self-sabotage. Get it? If you hold positive energy, you attract better outcomes.

You’ll need: 

  • Sea Salt

  • 5 tea light candles with containers 

  • A small stone or shell

How to do this spell

  1. First, take the containers and put sea salt in each container. Place the containers in a circle large enough for you to sit in and in the shape of a pentagram. Sea salt transfers negative energy from you to the sea salt. It transmutes and cleans this energy and returns it back to you. 

  2. Now, place the five candles on top of the sea salt. The purpose of the candles is for aiding you in clearing your mind. Fire always makes a way for itself and removes obstacles, like Gremlins.

  3. Next, sit in the middle of the circle, and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Visualize your energy being cleansed. Feel your mind and body becoming calmer, clearer, and more coherent. 

  4. Then say: Candles of Confidence I claim thee. Banish these Gremlins, so might it be.

  5. Pass your stone or shell, around the circle and over the flames and repeat: You are now my lucky charm. Protect me from all Gremlin harm.

  6. Kiss the stone or shell and hold the stone or shell to your heart.

  7. After at least 10 minutes of sitting silently, blow out the candles. Dispose of the sea salt and candles in the trash. These cannot be used for any other magick, as they contains negative energy. Keep the stone or shell with you, touch it frequently to let it fill you with confidence.

It is important to dispose of the negative energy or Gremlins properly. You do not need to be flinging that negativity all over the place, especially when casting a spell meant to bring fortune. You definitely don't need a Gremlin hanging out on your desk, while you’re trying to get work done, or have your partner carry a Gremlin to work. May you be blessed with confidence and few Gremlins.

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