How To Get Unstuck In Writing

Get Unstuck and reboot your writing in 15 minutes because every writer gets stuck creatively. If you’re stuck on your writing project, want to (re)start a writing project, or need help creating a solid writing habit, let’s get at it.

You started your manuscript on fire and wrote 3,000 words in one day. Your brain was popping with ideas, and scenes were flowing. You were sure you’d be done with the whole book by the end of the month. And then, one day, you sat at your keyboard, and nothing happened. Your fingers wouldn’t move. You reread your previous writing. It’s awful! Oh NO! What were you thinking? You couldn’t move forward and couldn’t bear to go back. You’re stuck.

All authors face this terrible feeling at some point. As a longtime writing guide, I see this all the time. I’ve even experienced it in my own writing. It's devastating. Most writers just quit and take up another hobby. Others spend years revising one chapter over and over. I feel your frustration and hear your self-doubt.

But the good news is that being stuck is not a permanent situation. There are several techniques for propelling yourself out of that sinkhole.

Let’s explore the challenges we all face as writers—like feeling blocked, struggling to find time to write, and coming up with the next idea. There are ways to get around all the issues you face as a writer.

No matter how creative you are, there will be days when the words just won’t flow. There are many tricks to get unstuck and shake things up in your writing to get your words flowing again.

1. Choose another creative endeavor.

Stop writing. Yes, you read that right. Put down your pen or step away from the keyboard. Getting stuck often means you’re in your head and not in the flow of the Universe. Having other creative pursuits can break up the blockages and get your writing flowing again.