Plant Seeds Of Intention For An Enchanted Year

Here’s the deal: If you want an enchanted life, then allow yourself the time to create the change. Research has found that it takes 21 days to create a small habit and up to a year to create a major change. Flow with it.

A life enchanted doesn't exist in wands, candles, and things. It lives in our hearts. If we open our hearts to the flow of energy, the enchantment will follow. It is the natural order of the Universe.

To me, enchantment is a state of being filled to the brim and spilling over with joy, happiness, and love. Enchantment is a powerful, energizing experience that feels amazing and serves as a booster shot for Spirit—the more you feel enchanted, the more you want it.

Disenchantment is often accompanied by strong emotions, including shame, anger, sadness, blame, resentment, powerlessness, loneliness, distrust, and guilt. If these emotions get trapped within our energy bodies, we'll start to attract more and more disenchanting experiences to our lives.

7 Tips to Plant Powerful Seeds of Intention Here's my approach to setting intentions:

  1. Release the previous year. Try not to bring baggage into the new year.

  2. Permission. A teacher once told me that you get to want what you want. Your desires are for you and you alone—as is your magic. Your higher self knows that your wants and desires are in perfect order.

  3. Slip into Liminal Space. Most of the time our mind is caught up with a lot of doing. Choose the method that works best for you: Meditation, Journey, Being in Nature. This space will bring the ego into stillness, the fertile soil in which to plant your seeds of intention.

  4. Use Positive Language. Intention is very powerful magic. It's important to stay conscious with your language. The Universe does not understand conditions of negativity: "Not." "Don't." "Doesn't." "Won't." For instance, if you want to pay off debt, saying "I don't want any more bills," the Universe hears, "I want more bills." And the Universe is happy to give you what you want.

  5. Plant Your Intentions and Desires. While your awareness is centered in this quiet space, plant your seeds of intention. This is the space that is filled with all possibilities. To plant your seeds of intention, do the ritual below.

  6. Detach from the outcome. Relinquish your expectations and attachment to a specific result. Our attachments are based in fear, shame, and insecurity. Detachment is the unquestioning belief in your magic and the power of the Universe. Intend for everything to work and the opportunities will come your way. I always end rituals with "It always works. Always a blessing."

  7. Trust the Power of Universe. Your planted seeds set the infinite organizing power of the Universe in motion. It will bring about the complete fulfillment of your wants and desires. Don’t quit before the miracle. Show up, but don't force the outcome. The one we think is best may not be as good as the one that the Universe is cooking up for us.

Now that we know the basics of planting the seeds...The Wise Women of old believed bay leaves brought luck, prosperity, victory, and could grant desires. Give a powerful boost to your intentions, desires, and goals with this simple ritual.

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