How To Edit Like A Pro

Editing your own work is difficult, but making it readable for your audience is super-important. If the reader doesn’t know what you’re saying, they won’t engage. Here are some quick tips and tricks to edit your work so your audience will love what you say. After many years working in Publishing, I can tell you that authors do not send in fully vetted or edited manuscripts. When we write, we’re very close to our work. That means sometimes we’ll miss mistakes that we might otherwise find in other people’s writing. The difference between a mediocre book and great ones comes down to the quality of the editing.

There is a reason traditional publishers have professional editors on staff to go through an author’s writing. They check for word overuse, ambiguous phrases, grammatical and spelling errors, and even typos. So, what’s a Self-Publishing Rebel to do?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s easy to edit your own work. Actually, it’s quite tricky. You may feel like skipping the editing process because it is not the most exciting part of the writing, or you might spend hours writing and rewriting.

Here are 7 Tips and Tricks for Editing Your Work like a Pro:

1 Write first. Edit later

Don’t stop to edit while you’re writing. If you stop, it also prevents the flow from your writing muse. It’s okay to correct a typo or restart a sentence, but if you find yourself rewriting whole sections while you’re writing, STOP! If you struggle to write without editing, take a few deep breaths as you begin the writing process and drop into liminal space, as if meditating.

2 Let your sacred words rest

Build-in extra time in your schedule, so you can let