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Nature spirits or the Four Elements are the forces of nature. Think of them as Sisters of Mother Earth. We have much to learn from their gifts and powers. For centuries, the magic and medicine of the four ancient Elements help the basic functions of our daily lives and the garden. What exactly are the Elements? The Elements are not just something distant and theoretical. We’re talking about (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), but it is their essence that is exciting. They are all around us, and we feel their impact on and in our bodies. We can also understand them through our emotions, thoughts, and spirit. All of the Elements reside and exist in harmony in our bones and their energy can be worked with to enchant our lives. The combination of the four Elements culminates into a fifth element: Spirit, which holds the energy to transform thoughts and desires into reality. The real connection with these Elemental Beings is felt by all living beings. Their attributes provide us with new information about ourselves and our connection with Mother Earth. Let's look at each of them in more detail. Tending the Earth and our Physical Body The Elemental who serves in the physical realm is Earth. She provides the cycles of the seasons, which helps all living things thrive within the environment. We are no different. We are part of Earth, not separate from HER. The Earth Element is associated with our physical body and our bone-knowing (when we feel our intuition). This is where we process waste and the chaos of the physical world that is part of our everyday existence and purge the Earth of poisons and pollutants that are dangerous to our physical bodies. Our bodies are a reflection of the suffering of Mother Earth. Consider the Earth Element:

  • What facts do you feel with your body and see with your eyes?

  • What reflections do you see of Mother Earth in your own body?

  • What is unique about me?

  • What in my life is constant?

  • When do I feel most energized?

  • What within your own bones feels like a heavy weight, solid stone, or gravity?

  • Where in the physical realm do you feel most rooted?

  • What habits do you need to change so the path within is clear and sweet?

Guarding the Seas and our Emotional Body The Element of Water works tirelessly to heal the polluted waterways of Earth as they recharge the electromagnetic field and flow through to Spirit. The water bodies cleanse the collective. The Water Element within our lives relates to our emotional and subconscious world. It holds our grief and flow, and our emotional pollution, such as emotional abuse, self-loathing, selfishness, and stress. This is not to add shame or guilt. The Water Element simply invites us to let these pollutants flow through instead of holding onto them. Consider the Water Element:

  • What aspects of my life needs to flow more?

  • Do any of my stories connect to my emotions?

  • Are there any rhythms or cycles that are important to my everyday life?

  • How do I create flow within chaos and discomfort?

  • How can I flow with very little effort?

  • What about my life makes me feel like I am floating along, caught in the waves, drowning, or repeating the same thing over and over again?

  • How can I feel the message of Mother Earth more deeply?

  • How do I restrict the flow of love coming to me?

Aerating our Life with Sacred Breath and our Mental Body The Air currents purify the atmosphere and aerate every cell of life with the sacred breath of Spirit from the tiniest microbe in the soil to the largest creatures of the land and seas. Air gives us the gift of life-sustaining prana or breath. On subtle levels, the Air Element transmits the currents of our Spirit from heaven to earth. The Air Element corresponds to our mental body. The mental plane can become polluted by negative thoughts that feed fear, hatred, anger, prejudice, bigotry, resentment, pride, greed, jealousy, and other poisons of the spirit. It is the Air Element that we call on to help us cleanse our thoughts. Consider the Air Element:

  • When do I hold my breath?

  • Where am I expressing pride, jealousy, prejudice, or anger? How can I turn these situations into joys?

  • How does my breath inform my thoughts?

  • Where am I experiencing resistance?

  • Where does shame or guilt reside in my body?

  • How can I create a devotion to myself and the breath of life?

  • Where am I distracting myself?

  • What benefits have I experienced through silence?

Destruction and Creation and Our Power Within The Element of Fire has great power for forging the power within each of us. SHE is our light as well as the fire that burns in our souls. We may only look at the destruction of Fire, but SHE serves on many levels for organic and inorganic life, infusing beings with the spiritual fires of creation. All that is destroyed will be reborn. Fire consumes and for this requires boundaries and responsibility, but if you tend HER and feed HER, SHE gives back light and warmth. SHE shines without remorse, regret, shame, or guilt. Fire holds our passions, enthusiasm, movement, and radiance. Consider the Fire Element:

  • How am I holding back my radiance?

  • What in my life must be destroyed in order to rise again—like a Phoenix from the ashes?

  • How do I give away my power? What does that look like?

  • What is holding me back?

  • What fears do I have around Fire?

  • Are my existing wounds keeping me from my power?

  • When I cleanse with Fire, what falls away?

  • What within me is ready to be transformed in a dramatic way?

The Combination of All Elements into Spirit Within Each of Us Building a relationship with all of the Elements provides the pathways leading to Spirit, which is the Divine manifested within us. THEY (because it is neither feminine nor masculine) holds our infinite being (the Spiritual and Human) and eternal nature in harmony with unlimited potential. Spirit provides a spark, intuition, and another level of awareness. This living spiral connects us to all that is or the collective. They guide and direct for a sure and steady path, which still allows for free choice. Consider the magic of Spirit:

  • Which pathway to Spirit is lacking?

  • What does living in balance mean to me?

  • What is my relationship with trust?

  • Where is trust being tested? What does Spirit say needs to happen to improve this trust?

  • With whom must I connect?

  • Am I trusting my journey?

  • What do I need to know from the Source of All That IS?

  • What am I ready and willing to know?

This very sustainable and enchanted life—the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the power we hold within is something many take for granted. We live lives of excess because we don’t know when enough is enough or giving into our fears of not belonging, because we've lost our connection to the Elements and Spirit. We will be much better off when we understand our dependence on the harmony and flow of the Elements, building relationship with them, and connecting with them for our health and well-being. Let me tell you a little story about how I work with the Elements. By nature, I’m a very fiery person, but with a lot of Water and Earth Elements as well. I’m least connected to Air, which shows in how I hold my breath instead of allowing my breath to flow in a more natural way. When the Summer rolls around, I find my fiery nature gets fired up (quick to anger, getting hot easily, and wilting when I get too much Sun). I need to temper this Fire with the Air, Water, and Earth. Early morning barefoot walks, submersing in cool water, seeking shade, breathing meditation, and sleeping outside are ways I harmonize the Elements within, when one seems out-of-balance. Then there is our relationship with the Elements so we can work with them effectively. When we work with the Elements in our magick practice or even in our gardens, we need to understand what we are “calling-in.” It is my belief that all things seen and unseen have shadows, tricksy magic, powers, and gifts. We should not call in what we cannot contain. When you have a relationship with the Elements, they become friends. You’ll know their tricksy nature and know what you can contain and what you can’t. This is why I created the Element’s Initiation Ritual. Spend a week building a relationship with and understanding the Five Elements.

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