Beginner's Guide to Business Astrology

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Astrology can help you decide when to launch your content and guide your witchy business to greater success. Here is a beginner's guide to Business Astrology to help you understand the heart and soul of how your business can function with ease.

The Sun is where your business is going to shine. The Sun sets the agenda and regulates the rest of the planets for your business.

The Moon reflects how the general public feels about your business and the products you develop.

The Rising Sign of your business is how your business meets the world.

The North node provides insights into the sacred purpose of your business.

Mars shows us the energy and vitality necessary to create strategies and plans for our business.

Mercury indicates how to best communicate (super-important to creative content creators).

Venus is in charge of all of your business relationships from your audience to your potential partners.

Saturn shows where your business needs structure and discipline. Saturn is your dose of reality and good grounding energy.

Jupiter gives us our vision and inspiration to captivate our audience. Jupiter knows the language and sacred message that is needed for your audience to buy. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion.

Uranus loves change. This planet will not allow your business or content to get stale. Uranus is your manager for social networks.

Neptune creates the feelings of belonging, wonder, and awe. If you need to brand your products, look to Neptune for inspiration.

Pluto likes to be invisible. This planet forces us to rest and regenerate in our business. In order for your business to survive, you must be able to thrive, change, and adapt to other changes in the market.


Choosing a launch date for a business, product, or service is really important. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into it, so it’s important to know the best date to show the world.

Keep these times in mind:

  1. Stay away from Mercury Retrograde for any launch.

  2. Try to also have Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn direct, if possible.

  3. Jupiter and Pluto alignments with the Sun and Moon bring wealth and abundance.

  4. Make sure the important planets for your business type are in a sign where they function best.

  5. Launch on a friendly New Moon, ideally one that’s near the top of the chart.

  6. Stay away from launching on Full Moons, and especially not on a Lunar Eclipse, as they are ending times and not beginnings.


For launching a website or online business, look for a strong Mercury because “communication” is the main focus. Also, look at the 3rd and 9th houses, the axis of communication.

Look for more Business Astrology in my upcoming book: Business Grimoire. Pub date: February 2021

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