9 Types of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content cuts through the noise and delivers long-term results. It stays “fresh” for your audience over a long period of time. Since all online content is not sustainable; your evergreen content will continue to be relevant long after it is created. This type of content is powerful but remember creating it requires time and energy. Aim for originality and value and be genuinely helpful and supportive.

1. Evergreen How-to Guides

Breaking down an issue that your audience hasinto bite-sized steps and educate your audience with genuine value. The key is to solve a real problem with a real solution.

2. How-to for Beginners

True beginner guides are difficult to find, because once we know something, it’s difficult to break it down for a Beginner. Make sure you break things down into the very basic steps.

3. How-to for Advanced Users

When your audience already has the knowledge and expertise, give them the next steps. These reveal high-level insights from a more advanced perspective.

4. Checklist

The challenge of producing both beginner and advanced guides is how to present a lot of information. Three thousand or more words on any topic is difficult to take in and time is usually of the essence. Checklists are great as downloads or content upgrades.