Spring is the time that witches clean, clear, and cleanse their homes and hearth. It’s the time of rebirth and renewal, new beginnings, and honoring life. To cultivate a sense of sacred space, we must be good stewards of that space, which includes physically and spiritually cleaning our sanctuary.

Our modern-day lives may feel devoid of ancient traditions, but there is a knowing in our bones, or you wouldn't be reading this. Tap into those innate feelings that reflect the cycles and rhythms of nature. It is this knowing that calls us to spring clean our homes!

Call on your inner witch to magically transform, uplift, and honor your home as sacred space. A Hedge Witch is a devotee of nature both seen and unseen, with Mother Earth teaching us how to nourish and nurture and learning to ebb and flow with Grandmother Moon. With this ancient wisdom found in our DNA, cleaning, clearing, and cleansing will be like riding a bike. You'll RE-MEMBER.

How to clean and cleanse

Follow these steps to cleanse your home or personal space of stagnant or stuck energy. Be as thorough as possible. If you feel called, sing as you clean. It's a wonderful energy to add to your home.

  1. Clean from the top floor and move down to bottom. Also start from the back of the space and move to the front door. Start on the top floor, back room, clean down the stairs, and end at the front door. Now do the second floor the same way. If you have a basement, do that now.

  2. Clean everything: walls, floors, furniture, and especially the windows to allow more light in.

  3. Finish your cleaning at the front door.

  4. Put a piece of burning charcoal in your cauldron, sprinkle on some rosemary or lavender leaves, and walk around the house the same way you cleaned it, back to front, top to bottom, and end at the front door. If you can’t use smoke, use a cleansing spray.

  5. Finally, take your witch’s bell and ring it into the corners and around the house, the same way you cleaned and cleansed, and end at the front door. If you don’t have a witch’s bell, use your hands to clap into the corners.

  6. Work with your besom (witch’s broom) to “sweep” the energy of the house out the front door and into your yard for "energy composting." If you don't have a front yard, imagine a giant cauldron with a fire burning that transmutes all of the energy being "swept" out. If you don't have a besom, work with a natural broom.

  7. Clean off porches and pathways.

  8. Add crystals to promote a happy, healthy, and sacred home environment or salt for protection.

Cleanse working with the Elements

Air. The place of new beginnings. As the air begins to warm, the Spring winds and cool breezes rush into the home through open windows to provide a freshness to the inside air. It’s as if your house is taking a deep breath. Allow the fresh air to renew your inner sanctuary of home and yourself.

Fire. Burn sacred resins, or plants that you’ve grown, as part of the spring-cleaning ritual. Cleanse your sacred space of old and stagnated energy and awaken the divine vibrations of the Universe. Once again, our homes become a center of nourishment and rest. If burning plant material is not an option, use a natural room spray instead. Plants to work with (Frankincense, Copal, Rosemary, or Lavender). Please harvest responsibly. A little bit goes a long way!

Water. When the air is cleansed and purified, it’s time to sweep and clean surfaces. This is the time to break out your Witch’s broom. Take extra time to move furniture, shake out rugs, and declutter. Your space will flow with the shift in energy. Wash and purify all surfaces. Avoid standard cleaning products, by making your own. There are a few of my recipes below.

Earth. Once the inside of your house is clean, it’s time to tidy up the porch and pathways. Also, tend to your houseplants. Remove any dead leaves, flowers, or twigs. Repot the plants that need it with fresh soil, compost, and a healthy dose of natural fertilizer, such as fish emulsion. Finally, fill your home with spring flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, or snowdrops.

Cleansing Plant Allies

Call upon your plant allies to cleanse and activate your space. Look to Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon, and Mint.

Hedge Witch Surface Cleaner

Add about 1/2 jar of one or a couple of your favorite aromatic herbs and fill the jar with white vinegar. Let the vinegar infuse for a couple of months in a dark cabinet. Then strain and dilute 1::1 with water to clean your home. My favorite is Lemon and Lavender.

Hedge Witch Floor Wash

Bucket of warm water

Fresh or dried rosemary sprigs

Fresh or Dried Bay Leaves

A few drops of rosemary essential oil

Hedge Witch Carpet Cleaner

1 cup of Baking Soda

1 tsp fine Sea Salt

1 tsp powdered Rosemary

5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

The simple and cheap Hedge Witch Cleaning Solution

white vinegar, baking soda, and liquid Castile soap

Cleansing with Gemstones

Crystals are beautiful and perfect for keeping small areas clean, clear, and protected. Be sure to cleanse the crystals before placing them and cleanse them once-a-week or so while they're in use. Try Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline for powerful cleansing. Rose Quartz promotes love and happiness in the home. Selenite by the front door is perfect for removing any negative energy before it comes into the house. Place crystals on a windowsill or coffee table. If it’s small enough, put a crystal over a door to clear and cleanse the threshold and enhance the purpose of that room.

Place small bowls of salt in your rooms, on coffee tables, or on a windowsill to cleanse and protect the space.

One last thing: Keep your space clean and decluttered. Encourage your family to leave shoes outside the door or at the entry. Shoes worn outside bring pesticides and harmful chemicals into our homes.

When you're done cleaning, clearing, and cleansing, say a little blessing.

May this home bless us with love, peace, nourishment, and rest.

May the spirits of nature find the beauty within this sacred space.

It always works. It’s always a blessing.

Peace with nature. Peace within.

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