Redefining Our Roots

"If we know our stories, then we know where we came from, and we can travel anywhere in the world and not offend anyone. All of the stories are similar, if not the same.” - Evangeline (Sunny) Dooley In synchronicity with Mother Earth Living in synchronicity with Mother Earth is not a destination. It is the journey. Wherever you are, it’s time to start this adventure. Nature is not just out there. When we realize that we are part of this wondrous whole, we’ll know that what we do to nature, we do to ourselves. We cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. Currently, the average person uses the resources of three planets per year. Our economy without a thought to our natural resources is not sustainable. Living in harmony with Mother Earth means being intentional with every action we take. The Indigenous peoples think about the impact of actions taken today affecting seven generations into the future. This is the thinking that will bring us to regeneration and not just sustainability. What it means to be Indigenous I have been reading and hearing this a lot: “We are all indigenous to somewhere.” To me, this is not entirely true. However, for those of us in the US, unless you’re Native American, you or your ancestors came from someplace else. In the process of moving our white culture, we have eliminated and appropriated cultures without honor, remorse, or compassion. We no longer have Indigenous roots, which makes us feel like we don't belong. We are not Indigenous people because we were born in a particular place. We have forgotten that we are all of this one Earth. We have lost our way and connection, and carry the baggage of over-consumption, overeating, and overspending. We once lived with the lands, ate from the forest, drank the waters, slept on the ground, healed ourselves with the plants, and made all of our decisions with all living beings, including Earth, in mind. We’ve done a lot of damage under the toxic powers of control and domination. With our lost connection, it is up to each of us to honor and listen to those who remember the ancient wisdom and Indigenous principles of where we are living now. These are the people who have not lost their connection with the Earth, Sky, and all living beings. These are the indigenous people. We have much to learn from these survivors. These people were forcibly converted to patriarchal gods, given blankets with smallpox, stolen from their homes and families, pushed from their ancestral lands, marched and dragged down a trail of tears, or stripped down, re-educated, and assimilated, and whose cultures were almost destroyed yet continue to endure. We have much to learn and remember. We are all indigenous to Mother Earth but must remember what that means. It is my belief that as long as we live outside or separate from our surroundings and view them as separate from us, we may never feel like we belong. It is important to find a home, so we can intimately know the plants, trees, animals, people, and understand the seasonal patterns of place. We must connect with Mother Earth, because she holds the seed code to who we are. We must recognize the seasonal cycles and processes of nature and harmonize with them in order to become rooted once again. I am not advocating to “play native” or appropriate traditions, but to learn from the Indigenous ways, so we can live respectfully and regeneratively with the land. Yet as just one human being, it may feel pointless to even try. What impact does one person have on a worldwide problem? But imagine if you were joined by a few friends, and they have a few friends, and then your community joined in. Start growing your new roots. If you long to feel a sense of place where the land speaks to you, you must know how you are part of that landscape. It is my belief that the keepers of this wisdom are Indigenous women, and they carry the voice of Mother Earth. Seek them out and listen. Only listen.

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