How To Fertilize Your Soul Soil

We are like seeds scattered to the winds. When the right conditions are created, an acorn grows into a mighty oak tree. The same is true for us. However, an acorn is indigenous thriving only in certain external conditions. As modern human beings, we have lost our connection to our soul soil and the conditions that allow our seed stars to grow. What happens if we have the right soul soil? If we generate the right inner conditions—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—our seed has the right nutrients to thrive. Human beings carry a light within, ready to illuminate the seed of our true Self and nourish its growth. Each of us has a different combination of factors that contribute to our healthy Soul Soil. Our divine inheritance, or our Soul Soil is found in our DNA. It is time to look to the ancestors and their connection with all life. Sadly, we have lost our connection with this web, and in particular, the soil. Our education system teaches us that soil simply means dirt and that dirt means dirty. But soil is the source of life. Without it there is no life. Look to the past for our future The future of humanity is to return to a relationship with nature, all beings, and all human beings. We must begin to think that we are a part of this earth, not a superior force to be inflicted onto Her. When nature suffers, I suffer. When nature is abundant, I am abundant. This is the mindset that we must cultivate. This is also true on a practical level. Regenerative agriculture is finding that when we respect, honor, and serve the soil, we get higher crop yields. Currently, there is a pervasive separation mindset. We do not feel like we belong. We don’t know what nourishes and nurtures us, and we don’t know our roots. Therefore, we don’t know how to create a Soul Soil that will help us illuminate our true self. And this causes despair and dissatisfaction. The good news is that we are social beings. If we change our separation mindset, we will begin to fully understand our soul soil. Home In Indigenous Cultures and agrarian societies of the past, each person was enmeshed in relationships with people, place, animals, trees, plants, etc, that made for a strong identity. These people knew each other and the land far better than anyone today knows their neighbors. There was a sense of home. A strong sense of home is missing in modern society. We’re surrounded by a sea of strangers, and people we only know superficially, if at all. The same is true of the plants and animals that share our environment. We don’t know the name of the tree and even if we do, we don’t know all its details and stories. We don’t know or understand our roots or lineage. We don’t know the soil in which we will thrive. So we move, or we’re dissatisfied with our lives. It is a perpetual cycle of not belonging and dissatisfaction. When this need is met and we're in community having a deep experience with everything and everyone, our Soul Soil is enriched. There is a strong sense of self, and we can shine our lights. Layers of soil: Layers of soil are called horizons.

  • Organic Horizon = Home. The you that everyone sees, your work & meeting of strangers In Nature, this layer has fresh and partly decomposed organic matter. Most smaller plants and grasses grow within the top 6 inches of soil.

  • Leached Horizon = Family, close friends & Community In Nature, this layer is fertile, mineral-rich, and filled with plant roots and invertebrates.

  • Accumulation Horizon = Our Connection with Mother Earth In Nature, this layer is rich in small mineral particles that plants need for growth. This is where the deep-rooted plants find the nutrients and nourishment and bring them to the surface layers for all plants.

  • Parent Material - Our Connection with Spirit In Nature, this layer is made of rock that is gradually crushed by the elements. This action helps to release important minerals into the upper layers of soil.

Consider this:

  • Where are your seeds planted?

  • How deep do your roots go? How can you bring nutrients and water from the depths to the surface?

  • How will you create the right conditions in your soul soil for your inner light to glow?

  • Where is the nourishment for you at this moment in time? Ask yourself this question often.

  • What does the soil in your own backyard reflect back to you?

  • How can you more fluidly flow between layers of soil?

We are members of one Earth community with a healthy web of life maintained by the soil. This new mindset is holistic and inclusive, focused on home, (meaning our roots), and embraces all living beings and species. Soil is the foundation whether it is our Soul or Life. Without soil there is no food and without food there is no life, trees, forests, animals, or people. A holistic view of Soul Soil is an understanding of the interdependence of all living beings.

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