How to Tend the Earth To Mend Your Soul


Hedgewitch Permaculture is a holistic approach to tending the Earth as we mend our own souls. It is about rooting and reconnecting with Earth energy. The philosophy is not about planting food for ourselves, but planting for ALL life. If we don’t feed the life around us from soil microbes to the birds and mammals to the plants and trees, we won’t have a life ourselves.

Humans have this urge to control things, even Mother Earth. At some point, we’ll have to face the fact that we cannot improve on her systems, so we need to work with them.

Look at the world around you. There are 7.5 billion people in this world. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 795 million people, or one in nine is suffering from “chronic undernourishment.” We are depleted in body, mind, and spirit, because our culture rewards those who overachieve. This leads to burnout, dissatisfaction, and depression. And Mother Earth is a reflection of this. It is my belief that we come into this world with a store of energy, yet we were never taught how to hold onto our personal energy reserves for things like tending ourselves and those immediately in our care. Nature holds the key to tap into the flow of Universal energy, instead of using our stores. When we use and deplete our personal energy reserves, we get sick in mind, body, heart, and spirit. It is only when we re-connect with Mother Earth energy that we begin to restore our Selves.

Indigenous cultures around the world have been living with the land for milleniums. They know how to make sense of the landscape, read the signals of nature, live with the rhythms of nature, and understand the connection between things. Indigenous people have a knowledge that goes beyond practicality. Each person knows that he or she is part of a bigger picture and a caretaker of the ancient wisdom.

We know that Indigenous cultures see the Earth very differently from the Western world. It is also very apparent that our modern way of thinking is at the root of our ecological and social issues. As a whole, Indigenous cultures have a closer connection with the Earth and consider themselves guardians of this world. We need to learn this view to more deeply understand our world and our place within it. We also need to support Indigenous cultures, language, and humbly ask to be taught how to be in relationship with the land once again.

How do we fix this worldwide crisis?

  • Earthing

  • Garden for the Future of Mother Earth

  • Gratitude for our Abundance

  • Community

Reconnect with Mother Earth & Becoming Rooted

It is sad, but we have lost our connection to the land. Consequently, many of us feel like we don’t belong anyplace or with anyone. Satisfaction in our lives is difficult to achieve, because we’re always looking for the next thing or person to boost our energy.

Our modern lifestyles have us going from our houses to our cars with rubber or plastic soled shoes that limit direct connection with Mother Earth. Scientists are discovering that if we reconnect our skin to the soil it creates a way back to better health for us. There are studies that show that skin to soil contact (like in gardening) acts exactly like Prozac. Which one would you rather do? Exactly!

Earthing is creating a skin to earth connection. In order to reconnect, go barefoot every day or lay on the earth.

Is it possible that our broken connection to the land under our feet makes us feel like we don’t belong? My thought is that it probably does. Mix that with the stories we formed in childhood, and we have a recipe for chronic unhappiness.

Garden for the Future of Mother Earth

Hedgewitch Permaculture is about giving back to the Earth and creating regenerative systems that feed, nourish all life, and ensure future generations also have abundance, including clean air, water, and healthy soil.

We can't just live for today. We must tend and save it for the future.

You can do this by tending the soil. If you missed how to do this, check out this article.

Staying in the Flow of Abundance

The Universe wants us to not just succeed, but thrive. Therefore, it set up a system of abundance. All we have to do is tap into that flow and receive, which seems to be the most difficult part that needs healing. Here’s how you can begin:

  • Be thankful for what you already have.

  • Cultivate positive language. The Universe doesn’t understand negative communication For example, If you say, “I don’t want a broken down car,” the Universe hears “I want a broken down car.”

  • Watch your thoughts. The Universe is listening 24/7.

  • Release what no longer serves you. This can be physical items, negative thoughts, or complaining (That last one was a big one for me).


I was a lone wolf for a long time. It took courage to step into a group and say, "Hi, I’m Heather, and I'm a Hedgewitch” Still does, if truth be told. Let’s face it. I’m a little odd. I love science, and yet my ways are very witchy. Often times, this throws people off, because I don’t fit into their neat boxes or under one label. Being accepted and feeling like I belonged took time and a lot of self-healing, but my soul soil is so much richer in a community of my Sisters and Brothers. I encourage you to find a local group that resonates with your passions. It is an amazing experience.

Here are 2 Rituals you can use to reconnect with your land and the Earth:

Oathing Stone

In Ireland, it was extremely important to make a commitment to the land of which you would tend. Therefore, you gave your oath to a stone (representing the land). Then, the stone was placed on a small hill or sometimes tossed into a river or lake to solidify your commitment to be a guardian of that land.

Rituals like these help us regain our connection to the land, wild spaces, and one another.

Drumming & Singing for the Earth, the plants, animals, and stones

There is nothing more beautiful than the human voice. Yes, that means even if you don’t think you can sing or carry a tune. Your voice resonates with the Earth’s vibrations. If you feel self-conscious about your voice, there is always drumming.

One day, I took my drum deep into the wilderness and began playing under some pine and aspen trees. A slight breeze blew through the trees. It looked like the trees were dancing to the rhythm. As I drummed, tears rolled down my cheeks and fell to the parched ground. It solidified my connection and commitment to Mother Earth, the soil, and trees.

This is the world that we call home. We belong here. It’s up to us to make it a place that we can commit to.

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