What is Hedgewitch Permaculture?

The Real Reason the Divine Feminine is Awakening

We’re so used to hearing about how humans are ruining the planet. And it’s pretty much true. However, dwelling on what is wrong doesn’t fix it. It only puts us in a monoculture state of mind. Hedgewitch Permaculture ensures that we’re getting out of the way, so Mother Earth's systems can come back into balance. It’s about being the solution instead of dwelling on the problem. As a species, we are full of arrogance. Monoculture of the mind policies by bureaucrats, big agriculture, big pharmaceuticals are dictated to us, so we’ll accept things that are completely against Mother Earth. The incentive to do so is usually based in money. This is a crime not just against Mother Earth, but humanity in general. It used to be that people helped neighbors build houses, care for the sick and elderly, and share the abundance. To me, it’s really bizarre that we aren’t connected to our buildings, food, medicine, and the natural world around us. It would be incredibly empowering to take that back into our hands and care for the Earth in all ways, always. The reason this hedgewitch is such an advocate for permaculture is because we need to spend more time observing the magic and mystery of life. We’ve forgotten our place and need to get back to it. The magic is already there, we only need to tap into the flow and feel that connection once again. As a species, we’ve become very self-obsessed. Hedgewitch Permaculture includes the individual, but is not about the individual. It is about Mother Earth and her creatures first. She will ensure that you have the abundance you need. That takes a lot of pressure off of our daily lives. Right? The reason the Divine Feminine is awakening in the world (and I don't mean in a gender specific way) is so we can help balance nature, not in superiority or arrogance, but in humility and connection. It’s a slow process, but it is already happening. Those who have experienced the Divine Feminine have taken the reigns of ownership. It is having a huge influence on social norms and our culture is slowly changing, even in the face of a lot of opposition from the patriarchy/status quo. Did you know that women with small holdings (5 acres and less) create 70% of the world’s food, whereas big ag produces about 25%. This is the Feminine rising.

What is a Hedgewitch? Before I get ahead of myself, a hedgewitch fully participates in the process of abundance by acknowledging her own fertile soul soil. A hedgewitch combines the magic she carries inside, an ability to communicate her wants, and the techniques of witchcraft to create a world of acceptance, love, and harmony. As a permaculturist, she adds a pinch of science to the mix.

The principles of Hedgewitch Permaculture are natural and open to anyone regardless of gender, race, or religion.

  • A commitment and devotion to Mother Earth. 

  • Let go of control and get into the flow of natural abundance. It's only a myth that we are in control.

  • Live intentionally with the rhythms of nature. You don’t have to move to a rural area, or leave your apartment or condo. It’s only about your intention and your footprint.

  • It’s ab