6 Rituals to Unlock Ancient Wisdom

Wisdom of the rhythms of nature are unlocked for all who seek healing and understanding of its ways. Mother Earth represents the physical existence of all women. She is the cohesiveness of the Divine Feminine. Once we unlock the secrets of this rhythm, we unlock the wisdom held within each of us.

Make no mistake, the "Divine Feminine" is in no way a "women only" concept. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. They make the perfect balance for our holistic Selves.

Connecting and seeking the wisdom of Mother Earth is an act of honoring, not only the Divine Mother but the Divine Feminine within each of us. It is this sacred connection and the very essence of creation … to ideas, expressions, dreams, life, and existence that gives our lives meaning.

We are part of all that is. We belong. The wise women of old knew how to tap into the life force of creation, which provided knowledge, wisdom, and a way to live that was a part of the Great Mystery and not separate or above it.

Six simple rituals to unlock the healing of Mother Earth energy:

1. Make a physical connection to the Earth.

Placing the soles of our feet to the earth grounds and connects us to creation. Once we are grounded, the inherent Divine feminine channel within makes the connection with Mother Earth for our overall well-being.

Lay face down on the earth with our arms wide, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and fingertips on the ground to connect more deeply. Our whole body will feel re-energized, especially our womb area. May you bathe in Her radiance.

2. Tap into the power of crystals.

Crystals are not just a component of modern-day woo-woo. They have been used for centuries for protection and healing. Crystals are the Earth herself. One of the least intimidating ways to begin a connection with Mother Earth, is to call-in a stone's energy that is calling to you. There are thousands of stone varieties, all with different properties, vibrations, and meanings. Many are inexpensive and really beautiful. Keep them beside your bed, on your desk, or even in a pocket. I've even worn them in my bra for that Mother Earth closeness. They’re fantastic as a visual reminder of what you're seeking and your connection with Mother Earth. Some basic crystal you might want to experiences are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, or selenite. *It is my belief that Mother Earth has been mined enough. One of my teachers, Pixie Lighthorse says to go "narrow and deep." Choose a small number of stones to work with. Request stones from your sisters and brothers, instead of purchasing them. Trade and giveaway stones that you're no longer working with. There is already plenty to go around.

3. Tune into the lunar cycle.

The moon is said to hold the light without burning. Pay attention to where Grandmother Moon is in her journey and chart where you are in your cycle, too. The phases of the moon effect our being and the beings of this Earth, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Our ancestors relied heavily on the Universe to inform and predict many aspects of life. With so many electronics interrupting the energy flow of the universe, we forget to tune in and interact with cycles and rhythms. Knowing when and how to use the power of Grandmother Moon is perfect for affecting change in our lives.

4. Practice extreme self-care.

This one is really self-explanatory. Treat your mind, body, heart, and soul with exquisite self-care! Take a herbal bath by candlelight, or lie down on your back and watch the clouds go by. Journal your dreams, wishes, hopes, fears, and intentions. Sip tea or read a good book. Take a day off and go for a Wild Walk in nature. Anything that feels delicious and nourishing to you, DO THAT!

5. Flow with the rhythms of nature

Nature has a beautiful rhythm that make us a part of all life, instead of an outside force. There is something really magical about being part of this flow. We witness these rhythms in our breath, heart beat, the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the turning of the seasons. Winter is a time to rest and hibernate. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Summer is a season of abundance and the energy of doing. Autumn is a time to begin slowing down, releasing what no longer serves, and grieve what has been lost. Living with the flow of the natural world is a life lived in harmony with the cycles of nature. We are no longer outside of the system but a beautifully integrated part of life in balance. Once we are connected with the rhythms, we feel that sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

6. Construct altars wherever you go.

Whether it's a traditional altar, your bedside night table, your work desk, the dinner table, your backyard, garden, or out in nature, making a space sacred connects you with your higher knowing and the wisdom of Mother Earth.

Use what you have on-hand, crystals, things that have special meaning, photos, jewelry, beads, money, artwork — whatever calls to your Spirit. Give your space a blessing or a prayer. Create a sacred space or altar that is dedicated to nature or Mother Earth. Make it beautiful with texture, color, and lusciousness. Look to colors that bring you joy and happiness. Decorate yourself as a walking altar to Mother Earth, use stones like turquoise or flower-print dresses. Embrace and honor the ancient tradition of adornment as a way to celebrate the abundant beauty of Mother Earth.

Our ego loves to complicate our lives, overthink things, and tell us that we must work hard and suffer, so that if we're lucky we might find happiness and belonging. The beautiful truth is that this is our birthright. We are children of Mother Earth, which in itself is joyful. We can make the decision to connect with her and feel the belonging of being here. We don’t have to anguish over the decision. Once we've felt that sacred connection, it is easy. All we need to do is follow the energy and vibration of the Great Mother. The same energy that vibrates within each of us.

If we listen to the wisdom of our higher self, it points us in the right direction. We are Spiritual beings have a human experience and Human beings having a Spiritual experience. We have the wisdom of the ages flowing through our veins. We possess the ancient wisdom in our DNA. Our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits can connect to the Divine Motherly energy around us at any time. Within this connection, lies our personal healing and the key to unlock the ancient wisdom buried in our DNA.

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