How to Talk with Plant Spirits

Plants are incredibly complex Beings, living in harmony with kindreds and connected to a community of companions. Mother Earth provides for their needs and they reciprocate with blooms, fruit, colors, and fragrance. Their root systems dive deep where they quietly communicate and contribute to the soul soil to the mutual benefit of all life forms within the ecosystem. In earlier times in our history, humans lived in harmony with the natural world. Plants were considered intelligent, sentient beings. Today, these Plant Beings survive in folklore, rituals, and spiritual teachings.

For those of us who strive to regain this ancient and instinctual wisdom, plant allies help bring us back to our sacred relationship to Mother Earth, who so abundantly provides these beautiful and medicinal plants. Plant spirits enhance our well-being on all levels, deepen our self-awareness, and integrate with our souls.

Through Plant Spirits we clear, strengthen, and balance all of our energy systems, which calms and soothes the heart, mind, body, and soul during times of stress and tension. Plant spirits restore life-force energy hidden by trauma, injury, illness, and suffering.

Each plant species possesses an individual energy, characteristics, wisdom, and purpose in the world. In their individual ways, all plants help promote the evolution of Mother Earth and help tend to our needs (whether we're conscious of it or not).

Our energetic blueprint and divine nature are closely aligned with Plant Spirits. One doesn’t need psychic ability or intellectual knowledge about plants or nature, to receive the healing gifts offered through Plant Spirits. All that are required: Open hearts and an acceptance that Plants are sentient beings.

The Plant & Human Connection