How to Talk with Plant Spirits

Plants are incredibly complex Beings, living in harmony with kindreds and connected to a community of companions. Mother Earth provides for their needs and they reciprocate with blooms, fruit, colors, and fragrance. Their root systems dive deep where they quietly communicate and contribute to the soul soil to the mutual benefit of all life forms within the ecosystem. In earlier times in our history, humans lived in harmony with the natural world. Plants were considered intelligent, sentient beings. Today, these Plant Beings survive in folklore, rituals, and spiritual teachings.

For those of us who strive to regain this ancient and instinctual wisdom, plant allies help bring us back to our sacred relationship to Mother Earth, who so abundantly provides these beautiful and medicinal plants. Plant spirits enhance our well-being on all levels, deepen our self-awareness, and integrate with our souls.

Through Plant Spirits we clear, strengthen, and balance all of our energy systems, which calms and soothes the heart, mind, body, and soul during times of stress and tension. Plant spirits restore life-force energy hidden by trauma, injury, illness, and suffering.

Each plant species possesses an individual energy, characteristics, wisdom, and purpose in the world. In their individual ways, all plants help promote the evolution of Mother Earth and help tend to our needs (whether we're conscious of it or not).

Our energetic blueprint and divine nature are closely aligned with Plant Spirits. One doesn’t need psychic ability or intellectual knowledge about plants or nature, to receive the healing gifts offered through Plant Spirits. All that are required: Open hearts and an acceptance that Plants are sentient beings.

The Plant & Human Connection

The Plant Kingdom was on Earth long before humans. Plants have always supported our physical needs through nutrition, fabric, and medicine. But on a deeper level, we have a symbiotic relationship with all plants; living plants provide us with oxygen and transform the carbon dioxide we exhale. This allows both of us to survive. We can learn a lot from Plants. They are way ahead of us in adapting to environmental changes. They have unique qualifications to teach us energetically and consciously about possibilities.

In liminal space, we can access the more subtle gifts that are offered by the Plant Spirits. Indigenous cultures around the world have always listened to plants. Stories and legends were passed down through the generations about local Plant Beings and how each is connected to the Great Mystery. When our ancestors lived closer to the rhythms of nature, they were able to understand the true gifts plants offered. When we connect our energies and consciousness with theirs, they can heal our modern-day problems.

Listen for the Call of the Plants

Plants are beautiful communicators and often chatty—they call to us, if we are willing to listen. One way to begin working with a plant is to take a Wild Walk into Nature to meet wild plant spirits. You don’t need to look for it. Just take a walk and listen for its call. It will find you.

Tell the plant why you have come or the purpose of your journey. Setting this intention is important because it is the energy that guides your path. One type of journey may be to meet with a particular plant spirit and discover the subtle healing qualities it holds for you, or you may simply want to talk with and get to know a Plant Spirit. Be sure to make an offering to the plant in exchange for its healing or wisdom. An appropriate offering is saliva, a strand of hair, compost, or a pinch of sacred plant matter.


If you would like to know a plant spirit on a deeper level, cross the veil of the physical world and enter into liminal space to meet with a Spirit Helper. This will help you know the essence of the plant and how they work within the human soul. This is a technique called Gazing. Sit near the plant and gaze at it with a soft focus. Allow yourself to open and hear what medicine the plant has for you.

It is apparent that even in the modern world, we still understand on some level the healing power of plants.

If we treat plants with love, they flourish and grow, and we flourish and grow with them. In their incredible compassion, plants have invited us to be in a dance with them, so that we can sense the healing power of the Divine in them and ourselves. It’s up to us to heed the call and open up a dialogue with the Plant Spirits around us.

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