How to Make a Seed Bomb Offering

Goddess permaculture (as created by Colette O'Neill from Bealtaine Cottage) is about planting like your life depends on it, because it does. I've found that my spiritual and everyday life are very much intermingled. I like being prayerful and intentional as I walk with the Great Mother and create my Spirit-filled gardens with prayers and offerings.

Now that we're in the Spring, here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a time of planting seeds. These are not just for your garden, but also the seeds of your life. What would you like to see manifest this year? What magical abundance would you like to reap in your life? These are the prayers that you speak into the seeds bombs that become offerings to Mother Earth and Father Sky to make manifest. It's also a fun family activity.

Here's how to create a prayer-filled seed bomb offering.

4 parts natural clay (I use this one) 1 part seed starting mix or compost 1 part wildflower seeds* *Be sure to choose wildflowers/flower seeds that are native to your area, so you don't spread invasive species. You can check here for what will work in your area. 1. Flatten the clay into a sheet with your palm. Sprinkle seeds starting mix/compost and flower seeds in the center of the clay. Sing your songs and say your prayers over the mix. 2. Knead it until everything is mixed in and the seeds and soil are well distributed. Keep singing the sacred songs. 3. Roll the clay into a thin snake. Still singing? 4. Pinch off 1/2-inch sections and roll each into a ball. 5. Place the little balls on a tray to dry and harden (about 24 to 48 hours). Putting them under Father Sun will speed up the process. I usually give prayers and offerings to Father Sun during this part. 6. When the balls are dry, toss them randomly onto Mother Earth as prayers and offerings. After they've all been tossed out, I usually sing a song for Mother Earth.

Let's see your seed bombs and the results by using the hashtag #seedbombprayer. And tag me on Instagram: @heather_dakota

May your Spring prayers be blessed, nurtured, and nourished by Mother Earth and your harvest be abundant with love and personal fulfillment.

Blessings to all!

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