When You Feel Like You've Had Enough

Burnout happens when we get trapped in a cage of our own expectations, based on society’s materialistic and power-driven version of success that has nothing to do with what really matters to us or to Mother Earth. ~Heather Dakota

Mother Earth is a delicate and rugged at the same time, much like human women are. But our Great Mother has been used and abused for a long time. It is time for her rejuvenation.

Sustainable vs. Rejuvenation

When you start to love her, tend her, take care of, and honor Mother Earth, something magical happens. This magic is not just with the Earth you tend, but within your own life. There is a quiet joy. Perhaps Joy is missing from our modern society?

The Earth is going through an incredible cycle of death and rebirth, and there is a lot of healing to be done. We have overburdened ourselves with STUFF! This stuff not only depletes us, but takes from Mother Nature as well. Think about our collective impact on Her, the animals, plants, and all living beings. We're all demanding more and more. This is not sustainable.

That word, SUSTAINABLE, is bandied about like its the way to fix all that is wounded. Sustainable means "being able to maintain the status quo." If we are only trying to "maintain" our destruction of the Earth, that is unacceptable.

Perhaps we need to change our thoughts and actions to REJUVENATION, because sustainable is no longer enough.


One of the reason I’m such an advocate for permaculture is because we need to spend more time observing life and seeing what’s around us. As a species, we’ve become very self-obsessed.

Then, I like to take permaculture one step further to Goddess Permaculture. Life that is not fed will die. We have no safety net. Goddess Permaculture is about feeding all life. Otherwise we slip into organic growing which provides humans with the purest form of food, but does nothing to support Mother Earth.

Goddess Permaculture is not just about planting good for yourself, but planting for ALL life. Many times, we don't even see the life around us, the tree outside our home, the wild bees that pollinate everything, and those things we call "weeds."

We don't feed the life around us, so we don't have a life ourselves. The other piece we have forgotten is our connection to all life.

It's time to care for our abundance and honor that which gives us life.

25 Ways to Honor and Rejuvenate the Earth

1. Reduce your consumption.

2. Buy secondhand.

3. Repair what is broken.

4. Plant a garden for the bees, butterflies, and birds first.

5. Compost like Mother Earth, Chop and drop.

6. Walk lightly on the Earth.

7. Walk or take mass transit.

8. Reduce your waste.

9. Plant ... anything and everything.

10. Observe the life around you.

11. Grow in polyculture, instead of monoculture.

12. Try not to buy monoculture products.

13. Conserve energy.

14. Reduce paper waste and junk mail (recycle whatever you can).

15. Reduce your water usage.

16. Bring you own reusable bags to the store.

17. Buy local (produce and consumer goods).

18. Share with your neighbors and community.

19. Volunteer to clean up parks and restore habitat.

20. Use your money to support conscious companies.

21. Skip that coffee out, unless it is okay to bring your own cup.

22. Only use organic products for yourself and your garden. (read the labels!)

23. Pull weeds and use them as mulch.

24. Plant a tree, better yet, plant a lot of trees.

25. Install drip irrigation in your yard and garden.

How are you honoring and rejuvenating the Earth?

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