Connect To Mother Earth

Chaos & Connection ©Heather Dakota

We don’t need to travel to the edges of Mother Earth to find our awakening. It’s right here, inside the choices we make every. single. day. The over-stimulation of our lives doesn’t leave room for much. As the chaos takes root, it feeds on itself. Mother Earth is a reflection of this discord within each of us and our global community. By resting yourself, you increase your connection with Mother Earth and rejuvenate your heart, mind, body, and soul, which prepares you for your awakening. This restful time allows Mother Earth to power the energy needed for change and creates the spiritual shift necessary to wake up. If it is time to rest, surrender. Drop all pretenses and shackles of busy that press on you and open to the slower energy in Being!

“Wild Awakening Quest” is coming in 2018.

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