HedgeWitch Permaculture Masterclass

February, April, June & August 2020

In this course, we'll take a deep-dive into creating a regenerative way of living that restores Mother Earth's systems and cultivates abundance for all life, including yours. 

Hedgewitch Permaculture is a beautiful combination of science, ancient wisdom, and magic.

Together, we'll have fun creating a magical garden step-by-step with planning, planting, tending, and harvesting your HedgeWitch Garden. Each course includes videos, audios, magic, and live sessions to discuss what your land needs and answering any questions you might have during the course. Every live session will be recorded for later viewing. There is a month in-between each course, so you have plenty of time to take action. You'll have access to the course, as long as I have the platform.

Take one class or them all and save!

Registration is Open, Seating is limited to allow for individual guidance

February 4 - 28, 2020 
Plan Your HedgeWitch Garden


In this first course, we'll get to intimately know the land beneath our feet, the Elements, and plan from different perspectives. Work step-by-step in planning your garden systems, create a plant wishlist, and of course, plan the spells and charms you'll work with throughout the growing season.

June 1 - 26, 2020 
Tend Your HedgeWitch Garden

In this third course, we'll be in the height of our growing seasons. We'll spend two weeks learning more about composting, especially for your climate. We'll also discuss how to mulch and water a Hedgewitch Garden effectively, and work with beneficial insects and soil organisms to prevent pests and diseases in your Hedgewitch Garden.

April 7 - May 1, 2020 
Plant Your HedgeWitch Garden


In the second course of the masterclass series, we'll learn everything about sowing seeds, planting transplants, and propagating plants to save money. We'll also continue our discussion about planting by the moon phases and astrological signs.

August 4 - 28, 2020 
Harvest Your HedgeWitch Garden

In the last of the masterclass series, we'll discuss wild foraging by the wisdom wheel, honoring abundance and putting up our harvests, how to save and store seeds, and creating medicines, salves, tinctures, and teas for use this winter.

Are these courses right for me?

I know, taking 4 month-long courses takes a lot of time and energy. Time and energy are major factors in gardening as well as choosing which course is right for you. Choose the adventure that suits and serves your needs, life style, family commitments, and resources. These courses will be offered again, so take the one(s) that appeals to you most and take the others next time. 

If you're a beginning gardener, permaculturist, or witch-curious, these classes will be perfect for you. You'll learn so much, and I'll help you every step of the way. That's why the class-size is limited to 30 people only.

If you're a master gardener, permaculture designer, or advanced witch, I guarantee you'll find something in the mix that strikes your fancy. And the one-on-one help from me, will help you get over any struggles that you might be having in your garden.

If you are concerned about the word "witch" when it comes to gardening, that's okay! First, to me...as Witch is an empowered man or woman. I will be talking about magic in the garden, but if this is not your jam, tune out! Take the gardening information that works for you and leave the rest. Mother Earth does not discriminate, and neither do I. I'm not offended if you don't believe as I do, or tune out on the magic bits. I only ask that everyone respect the differences that each of us brings to class. Biodiversity is super-important in the garden and in our lives.

If you're still not sure which course to take or whether the Masterclass is right for you, contact us to discuss your garden needs.

How will these course be presented?

Each course happens over a 4-week period. On Monday's, you'll receive video presentations and worksheets. On Wednesday's, you'll receive an audio and action plan. On Friday's, we'll have a 1-hour live Zoom event. All live events will be recorded for later viewing. This relaxing pace allows you to work on your plan and take care of your garden, while receiving the knowledge and information you need for your garden to thrive. There is a month break between courses, so you have plenty of time to implement your plans.

The Live Zoom events will give us a chance to discuss what is happening in your garden in real time. Bring your questions, struggles, and let's be sure to celebrate your successes.

What will I need for this course?

  • Internet speed that allows for live-streaming

  • Journal for taking notes and gathering information about the land

  • Watercolors, colored pencils, or highlighters

Content is delivered via:

  • Video presentations

  • Articles, Worksheets, and Action Plans

  • Pre-recorded audios

  • Live instructions + Q&A on Zoom

Classrooms open one week before classes begin.

Registration open through December 31, 2019 for Masterclass. 

Individual classes will remain open until the day class begins.

Registration is open, class size is limited

$79 each course

Take the courses that fits your needs, energy, and time.


Bundle all 4 courses and save $40

Join the magical revolution disguised as gardening!

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