Introduction to Hedgewitch Permaculture

Virtual Weekend Workshop

October 19 - 20, 2019

Registration is open!

Create a regenerative way of living that restores Mother Earth's systems and cultivates abundance for all life, including yours. Live simply, naturally, and WITH Mother Earth, not on her.

Hedgewitch Permaculture is a beautiful combination of science, ancient wisdom, and magic.

Introduction to Hedgewitch Permaculture lays the groundwork for you to grow your own magical herbs, flowers, and nourishing vegetables, while regenerating and honoring Mother Earth. The workshop is entirely online for two days with the core teachings delivered via email on class days.

Each section and the assignments can be worked at your own pace.

Hedgewitch Permaculture is a magical revolution disguised as gardening!

Core Teachings of Hedgewitch Permaculture

October 14, 2019

Welcome email with tips to get you started.

October 19, 2019

What is Hedgewitch Permaculture?

  • What is a Hedgewitch? What is Permaculture? How do they relate to each other?

  • 7 Essentials for Riding the Hedge

  • 13 Principles of Hedgewitch Permaculture Explained + Q&A; 1-hour Meetup @ 10:00am PT

  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.


Adding Magic to Your Landscape & Life

  • Garden Witchery

  • How to Talk With Plant Spirits

  • Top 5 Ways to Create A Magical, Sacred Garden + Q&A; 1-hour Meet up @ 1:00pm PT

  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Play Sheet to put what you've learned into use right away.

October 20, 2019

Living with the Rhythms of Nature

  • Work with the Elements

  • Earthing: Connecting with Mother Earth

  • 5 Ways to Know the Land Where You Live + Q&A; 1-hour meet up @ 10:00 am PT

  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.


Planning Your Hedgewitch Gardens

  • Create A No-dig Hedgewitch Garden

  • Wisdom Wheel Garden Planning

  • 7 Ways to Plant for ALL Life, including YOU + Q&A; 1-hour meet up @ 1:00pm PT

  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.


  • How Much To Plant Xcel spreadsheet

  • Safe Seeds Guide

  • Wisdom Wheel Planner

  • Resources

  • And so much more!

Content Delivery:
  • Written posts

  • Audio

  • Live Instruction + Q&A via Webinar

  • Discussion via private forum

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High-speed internet

Refunds are not offered for this course. Please be certain of your commitment when you register. Attending live is not required. All webinars will be recorded for future viewing.

Price: $29 US
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I'm your guide to Hedgewitch Permaculture. I've been organic gardening for more than 40 years. I'm a Certified Permaculture Designer & Teacher, Master Gardener, Author, and Hedgewitch. I have combined my love of Mother Earth, science, earth magic, and gardening into an enchanted life transformation for you.
I want to live in a world where busy women, mothers, daughters, and healers are held, nurtured, and nourished through a connection with, and commitment to the Great Mother. She taught me how to unlock the ancient wisdom found in my DNA. My passion is to show you how to do the same for your life through Hedgewitch Permaculture. It's time to discover the magic of the Hedge.
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