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These are mini-courses—BITES—to grow your own food, medicine, and magic. Whether you are just discovering (or rediscovering) your green thumb, or you've been taking care of the land for years, these mini-courses are an amazing tool for self-discovery and to cultivate your connection with Mother Earth.

Dip your toe into the world of Hedgewitch Permaculture, and you will be amazed at the happiness that it brings to enchant your life

What is Hedgewitch Permaculture?

Hedgewitch Permaculture is about creating a regenerative way of living that restores Mother Earth's systems and cultivates abundance for all life. It is about living simply, naturally, and with Mother Earth, not on HER. It is a life-long journey that begins with Mother Earth at the center of all that is. The ethics and design principles spiral out through key realms required to create a regenerative culture and society. The spiral’s evolutionary path joins the realms, initially at a personal level, then community, and finally at a global level.


Grow Your Own Bites our Mini E-Courses, presented in a colorful, 18-page PDF Download with images, plus video and audio links. Each one is specifically designed to give you a little bite of information so you can begin to grow your own food, medicine, and magic. Look for a new course at each Sabbat and Esbat.

I want you to be inspired by these bites and empowered to take control of your food supply. I want to give you permission to bloom in your garden and experience a fun and magical connection with Mother Earth. Everyone deserves healthy, nutrient-rich food AND JOY! Work through the content in one day or spread it out over a few months. The timing and integration is up to you.

Cost: $10 US each


What you get with each course:

  • 18-page PDF that includes:

    • Short video lessons

    • Written content

    • Action plans

  • Complete the whole course within a day or spread it out as time allows


    • Link to downloadable Hedgewitch garden planner

    • Garden Magic & Rituals Guide

    • Safe Seeds Guide

Where to begin?

The beauty of these BITES is that you can start anywhere. Start slow. Start small. Go where Mother Earth is calling you. What topic excites you? Start there!


The reason I decided to share my knowledge of this unusual combination of magic, ancestral wisdom, and science is because I see that some people simply don’t know or understand that the Earth is in a steep decline. Did you know that 150 to 200 species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals go extinct each day? This is unacceptable. 


I had nightmares wondering what people were going to do when they realized that in ten to twenty years climate change was going to radically change our food supply, the landscape, and where we live. Add to that, in just a few generations, we have lost the knowledge about how to grow, harvest, and preserve our own food. We’re dependent on others for the very thing that sustains us. It is estimated that an average meal in the US travels 1500 miles from farm-to-plate. That’s crazy and not sustainable!


AND our children don’t even know where their food comes from. They’ve never seen a tomato plant grow from the soil. Our soils are devoid of nutrients, as is our food. This is a contributing factor for dis-ease.


We can no longer afford to simply be sustainable. We (each of us) must live regeneratively and our food supply must be changed from monoculture big agriculture corporations to community and local food system. Also, we must regenerate the soil. This is the foundation of all health and vitality. This doesn’t mean growing everything yourself, it means working together to produce for the good of all beings.


There is hope. If you’re reading this, YOU are the magic. YOU are the hope I have for this planet.

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I want you to have a magical experience with these Grow Your Own Bites. To that end, I have placed a straightforward description of each download's content for you to review prior to purchase. 


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