An enchanted life and magical biz come from
having your hands in the soil and heart to the Earth. 

I love working with people invested in the places they live and nourished by magical foods and medicines of their land. This helps them grow in life and business.

Introduction to
HedgeWitch Permaculture

Online, Weekend Workshop

October 19 & 20, 2019

Introduction to Hedgewitch Permaculture combines your love of nature and gardening with your Witchy Life. Hedgewitch Permaculture is about creating a regenerative way of living that restores Mother Earth's systems and cultivates abundance for all life, including yours. It is about living simply, naturally, and WITH Mother Earth, not on her.


Hedgewitch Permaculture is a magical revolution disguised as gardening!


HedgeWitch Permaculture


February, April, June & August 2020

Online Masterclass

The HedgeWitch Permaculture Masterclass Series includes:

Four, 4-week, in-depth courses where we'll take it step-by-step through planning, planting, tending, and harvesting your HedgeWitch Garden. Each course includes videos, audios, magic, and live sessions to discuss what your land needs and answering any questions you might have during the course. Every live session will be recorded for later viewing. There is a month in-between each course, so you have plenty of time to take action. You'll have access to the course, as long as I have the platform.


February 2020 - Plan Your HedgeWitch Garden

In this first course, we'll get to know intimately the land beneath our feet, plan from different perspectives, work step-by-step in planning our garden systems, create a plant wishlist, and of course, plan the spells and charms we'll work with throughout the growing season.


April 2020 - Plant Your HedgeWitch Garden

In the second course of the masterclass series, we'll learn everything about sowing seeds, planting transplants, and propagating plants to save money. We'll also continue our discussion about planting by the moon phases and astrological signs.


June 2020 - Tend Your HedgeWitch Garden

In this third course, we'll be in the height of our growing seasons. We'll spend two weeks learning more about composting, especially for your climate. We'll also discuss how to mulch and water a Hedgewitch Garden effectively, and work with beneficial insects and soil organisms to prevent pests and diseases in your Hedgewitch Garden.


August 2020 - Harvest Your HedgeWitch Garden

In the last of the masterclass series, we'll discuss wild foraging by the wisdom wheel, honoring abundance and putting up our harvests, how to save and store seeds, and creating medicines, salves, tinctures, and teas for use this winter.

Your Investment: $275

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