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Take control of your business and transform it into one you love.


Business Alchemy means you do business as you, because you are your own business advisor.
THIS makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you are an artist, writer, herbalist, or magick maker trying to navigate the crazy world of business and nothing seems to fit or work for your soulful business, I’d like to explore the possibility of working with you. Let's transform business as usual to business as YOU!


The Process: 

  • One-hour Spark Session to gather the magick for you and your business. 

  • Each week, for 2-months - you’ll have independent prepping with clarity sheets and audios to support you

  • One-day intensive on Zoom = 3 co-conjuring sessions—we’ll map the landscape of your business from your foundations to your audience and your content to your branding and marketing. No stone will be left unturned. 

  • One-hour followup session, 1 month after our session we get together to answer any questions and see how you’re doing.

  • Audio recordings of our time together.

Business Alchemy is a yearly membership for clarity, coherence, and confidence-building.


No business yet? No problem. You’ll start from the ground up. Build strong foundations and get the knowledge you need to make decisions for your business.


I’ve been running my business for 5 years full-time and half-heartedly about 3 years before that. A soulful business of your own is no joke. You wear all of the hats. Plus, there is so much information out there…business as usual information on how to run a business and make a million dollars, and most of it doesn’t apply to your soulful business anyway. I was frustrated, irritated, and bound and determined to make my business work. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time going from one business expert to the next. I actually tried to implement what they said with little or no results. If you’re feeling like I did, you’re ready for something different than business as usual. Let me tell you a little secret...It wasn’t until I discovered my inner business council that things began to shift and change. I had to see myself before anyone else could see me. Peacock is my Marketing Director. The truth is you are your own best business advisor. All you need are the right questions and a dose of magick to unlock your potential.



Come in your pajamas, lounge on your couch, and come away with a soulful business that you absolutely LOVE. You’ll be amazed at the transformation. It's like falling in love with your business all over again.

What to do next? Book your session, click the button below. You'll pay $100. This pre-payment is applied to your fee when we begin co-conjuring magick together. We'll discuss your payment plan at our first meeting.


Your Investment: $498.00 (or 12 monthly payments of $45)

Business Spark is the first step to becoming your own business advisor. This self-study course combines the wisdom and knowledge of Business Alchemy, but you work at your own pace without the pressure of the one-on-one sessions. Learn more.

Want to see what Business Alchemy is all about? 

Still have questions? Get in touch and let's make some magick.