Book Witching clients
releasing their sacred words

Welcome to the Book Nook! The self-publishing process can be difficult to navigate. Book Witching clients work with me from writing to design and marketing to Author Business. They receive support, accountability, and of course, magick! They receive what they need to release their voices into the world. Wyrd & Wyld Publishing is honored to present these bestselling books by some amazingly creative and sacred individuals.


Eat Your Words


Explore the history of a first-generation American Italian girl whose early curvaceous entry into womanhood and hearty appetite make for a complex-carb tale about the depth of our relationship with self-nourishment.


Earth Is Holding You


For children and the child within, this book is a reminder that Earth’s got your back. She has every imaginable way to change your energy and nourish our bodies and minds.

Earth nurtures us.


Circling Toward Home

Best Book of 2021

A story that stretches over decades as a young girl searches for personhood through the civil rights movement, a female love interest, and the challenges of her Christian faith.


Thirteen Doors

Award-winning Book!

This deeply moving and personal story brings us to the threshold of injustice and brings us through the thirteen doors to become a warrior for change.


Oraciones de Veneracion Voz

Prayers of Honoring Voice (Spanish Edition), the bestselling book by
Pixie Lighthorse  

Translated by
Catalina Sanchez-Frank

LOM Cover_100120.jpg

Landscape of Mothers

Landscape of Mothers is a map of the places in your inner world to reclaim yourself inside your role of mother. The landscapes are the map locations: sun and moon, wind, desert, island, mountain, river, forest, and ocean. Each location has a gift that is important for mothering. 


Clear Vessels

Clear Vessels reveals the process that allows you to tap into Universal wisdom and love. Through a series of deeply moving stories, practical exercises, and real-life examples, you'll be able to transform and navigate life.


My Own Body Breathing

#1 NEW RELEASE! From writer and artist Anne Carmack, 
My Own Body Breathing is a collection of poems and prose about friendship, loss,  transformation, and healing.


Boundaries & Protection

BESTSELLER! 52 short, powerful chapters meant to be carried as a companion through the seasons of your life. It's many facets revealing themselves throughout the journey.


Goldmining the Shadows


52 short, powerful chapters that encourage us to see our shadows as frightened inner children, desperate to even out the imbalances of our developmental years.


Prayers of Honoring Grief

Prayers of Honoring Grief is the third book in Pixie Lighthorse’s prayer series. This book guides us through the pains and discomforts, the moments of clarity, and the potential for aliveness that arises when we make space to grieve our losses.


Love, Light & Shadow

Sometimes our stories are not to be held tightly to our chest, or stored deep in our hearts. Sometimes our stories are ours, but they are not about us. They are glimpses into our lives and yet all the reader sees is a reflection of Self looking back
at them.