I help Artists, Writers, Healers,

and Magick Makers birth amazing books and transform business as usual to business as YOU!


Welcome Beautiful One. I'm so glad you're here.


I believe that we can pioneer a new way of being in business—one that is holistic, supportive, transformative, and filled with magick and possibilities.


I specialize in book project management AND business alchemy. I’m witchy as F*ck!  

With 20 years of experience as a Creative Manager, guiding both editorial and book design projects in traditional publishing with North Light Books and Scholastic Inc, plus 5 years supporting artists, healers, and magick makers, I know the pitfalls and challenges you'll face in self-publishing AND how to get you back on track.


I have authored more than 75 books and was a judge for the Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Book Awards for six years. It was during this time that I realized how much real information was needed by would-be authors to make their books look and sound professional. And I hold that magick key!

Speaking of magick...Hedge riding and spell casting are a part of my everyday. For me, it is all about integrating practical magick into my entire life.


I came out of the broom closet a few years ago, but I’ve been a solitary witch my entire life. I creatively and magically manage book projects with a helping hand and a bit of guidance.

While I was living in the Caribbean in the late 80s, Permaculture caught my eye. It is deeply rooting  and satisfying to have my hands in the soil and heart to Earth. Connection with Mother Earth is a big part of Book Witching.


This witch is here to offer support, as you stir the cauldron of your sacred works. I know the edges, the lay of the land, and the magick. I can tell you it sucks in the nicest way possible and lead you back to the path. You'll be challenged to reach for your edges and stick to your goals, ‘cause that’s where the magic happens. I'll weave the web like Spider, do the work in the background like Fox, and nurture and support you and your awesome works like Bear.

I live in Washington with my familiar, Marble and a garden teeming with life.


For every book published through one of my programs, a tree will be planted in the book's and author's name.

I love talking about Self-publishing and Book Witching. Interviews, Podcasts and Book Events, please send an email to: info@heatherdakota.com



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