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I am an award-winning author of the Moon River Romance saga. My passion for storytelling took hold at five years old when I drew my latest and greatest story on our family’s car upholstery. My limited language and minimal writing skills never stopped me.

I started writing my stories on paper in the first grade. My first written and published story was about a girl who talked to plants and animals. I sold my “book” around the neighborhood for a nickel. I made a whole dollar!

More stuff about me

Over the years, I’ve written essays, articles, blog posts, poetry, children’s books, non-fiction, and now, contemporary romance. I tried to be a normal adult but moved to the Caribbean and lived in a teepee in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. “Normal” fits me like an itchy sweater.


I read my first romance novel in eighth grade. It’s been a secret addiction ever since. My flirty, nerdy contemporary romance stories are short reads set in the small college town of Moon River, Washington. Sadly, this is a fictional town where I’d dearly love to live.


I live in Washington State and enjoy grazing on wild berries, tending my gardens, sitting by a cozy hearth, practicing magic, observing the animals, or sipping an Irish Fog at my favorite coffee shop, obsessing over my next story.

Here are ten things most people don’t know about me:


  1. Before I found romance novels, I hated to read.

  2. Moon River combines Port Townsend, WA; Savannah, GA; and New Orleans, LA.

  3. I love the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World so much; I can recite the entire dialogue. Secretly I pretend to be an actress. As a writer, I play all the parts.

  4. I experienced love at first sight once in my life.

  5. When a book reads like a movie, I’m hooked.

  6. Thunderstorms and Snowstorms leave me giddy with joy.

  7. Yes, I believe in ghosts, shifters, and all things supernatural. Magick is real.

  8. I buy the single bananas because I don’t want them to be lonely.

  9. My stories are loosely (very loosely) based on experiences I’ve had. My imagination fills in the blanks.

  10. I’m a practicing Hedge Witch.


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