Hey there, I'm Heather Dakota
I'm a Book Witch and Business Alchemist, who helps artists, writers, healers, and magick makers create amazing businesses & books from their sacred works, so they can share their magic.
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There's A Powerful Book Inside You

Let's make your words shine and
get the book of your dreams in your hands!


  • too busy 

  • overwhelmed

  • not sure of your next steps 

  • like the tech stuff is too much of a struggle

  • commitment and fear at the same time

  • vulnerable

I know the self-publishing process can seem overwhelming, but I don’t want you to fret! I’m bringing my sword of 25 years of experience in publishing and self-publishing to cut through all the bullshit for you. Think of me as Mama Bear, Book Witch, and Sacred Word Midwife.

I want you to have more Oo-la-la, more sparkle in your eyes, and more moolah in your pocket.

Book Witching

If you can't handle one more thing on your plate, I get it. I have the self-publishing plan that will have a book in your hands, like magick


Learn to create the book of your dreams. In these courses, you'll be guided step-by-step, passed your overwhelm to a book you create yourself, on your terms

The Rebel Library 

In self-publishing, it's important to know the "how." The library is filled with articles on magick and practical self-publishing knowledge