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I’m Heather Dakota.

I am a mid-life midwife, who will support you through birthing YOU. My courses, books, sacred tools, and community will assist you through your mid-life transition with grace and ease.

You don’t need fixing. I’ll hold the mirror and light on the ancient wisdom that is in every cell of your being, so you can see the magic of your strengths, gifts, talents, and power.

Your chaotic life doesn’t have to bog you down. And you didn’t miss the boat. Imagine a place where you are held, nurtured, and loved; a place where sisters come together to elevate and support each other, where the transition from Mother to Queen or Queen to Wise Woman is not shamed, but celebrated. Because you are already worthy, beautiful, and oh, so powerful.

Menopause may signal your right of passage, but the titles of Queen and Wise Woman are your birthright. You just need to claim it, re-member your path, and turn the lead of your life into gold.

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Who is Heather Dakota?

I am a mid-life midwife, who assists women going through the big and little transitions of midlife. By providing sacred tools, guidance, and clarity, these women are able to re-member their path and create the next chapter of their lives. Want to know more?»

Soul Medicine

Sacred tools have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world to treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. The energy of plants, stones, and animals is harnessed in each object to bolster your energy. I am honored to support you in your Earth walk with these pieces of soul medicine. Learn More»

Ebooks & Courses

Need help re-membering your path? Check out the latest Courses and Books to help you de-shame and reclaim the wise woman in you. I'm ready!»
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