Welcome to Wise Woman Alchemy!


I’m Heather Dakota.

I am a Creatrix of all things soulfully digital. I’m a business coach/midwife, who will support you through birthing your Ecourses, Ebooks, and Business Development. With 20+ years of marketing and publishing experience and a little bit of intuitive wisdom, we’ll turn your business frustrations into pockets of pure delight.

I’ll hold the mirror and the light on your business, so you can see the magic of your strengths, gifts, talents, and power.

You didn’t miss the boat. This is the place where you and your business are held, nurtured, and loved; a place where sisters come together to elevate and support each other, where you and your business are celebrated.

Shine your light! I’ll take care of what’s behind the curtain.

First time here? Are you ready to light the fires of your business’ soul? Start here!


Who is Heather Dakota?

I am a creatrix of all things soulfully digital. I'm your business coach/midwife/guide to the spirit of your business. I can assist women soul-preneurs with business clarity and intuitive wisdom. Want to know how I can help?»

The Spirit of Your Business

Every business has its own spirit or soul, and an animal guide for that business. My guides and I can connect to examine the inner and outer workings of your business, its health, and what you and your business need to move forward. Learn More»

Wise Woman Council

This membership council is made up of women soul-preneurs. We support, encourage, and hold each other accountable. We're all being called in different ways, and I hold the space so you can shine your light. I want to join the council!»
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